How to tell truth from lies

Lately my brain seems to be filled with so many questions that I don’t know will ever be answered. I tried to find answers whereever I can – books or the internet. However lately I noticed that the internet is buzzing like a hive of bees on conspiracy theories. Now when I was young conspiracy theories were something crazy people came up to explain what was going on in the world.

Today conspiracy theories are more talk about on the internet and just regular conversation. One of the most popular theories is about the Illuminati; a secret society whose plan is to enslave most of the world for their master Satan the adversary of God. Many think well this is crazy talk and yet many truly believe but for me all the facts that I have seen all shown what the conspiracy theorist call “puppets”.  Now puppets are the celebs we watch on tv, films, the artist we listen too and more.  If I was a conspiracy theorists I wouldn’t be so concerned about the artist like Beyonce & Katy Perry but the ones who own the record labels, the banks, these companies which we purchase the food that we eat and more; focus on the puppet masters & not the puppets.

There is also the question on how we as mankind was created and our universe.  Now there are two explanations, one is scientific while the other is biblical. However they both contradict each other. The bible states the God create the universe and he created the earth in seven days then created the first man named Adam and from his rib the first woman Eve who were living in the Garden of Eden till cast out for eating a fruit. Now science states the universe was created thanks to the Big Bang and mankind’s beginning started in Africa and we slowly migrated to other parts of the world and due to differences in the environment develop the varies skin tones.  Now which is true and which is false – one can be back up by facts ( well mostly) while the other the only proof is a book that has been translated some many times over the years with certain parts taken out at the will of the publisher. So we can never truly know the truth of our existence only we can speculate. 

At the end of the day, there will still be countless questions that may or may not have answers. Mankind mostly likely will never know the answers to the questions we have whether they be about god, why we exist, are they other lifeforms in distance universes. We can truly never know but it doesn’t mean we should stop question nor stop being curious.


2 thoughts on “How to tell truth from lies

  1. “There is also the question on how we as mankind was created and our universe. Now there are two explanations, one is scientific while the other is biblical.”
    Not true. If you consider unscientific “answers” to scientific questions to be worthy of consideration, then the number of conflicting answers to this set of questions is a lot more than two.
    Nearly every religion, and many occult beliefs and pseudosciences, have their own ideas about it. What makes the story in Genesis any different from the rest of them?


    • Well I used the story from genesis because the bible to many is seen as fact and pretty much truth while every other religion, occult and pseudosciences is seen as false, lies or myths. Also its usually the christian faith versus science


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