The Vigilant Citizen: Truther or Disinformation Agent?

Conspiracy theories are a very hot topic lately and one can just surf the internet and find many articles, videos and speeches about the shadow government in the world whose main goal is toward a new world order. Now personally I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to conspiracy theories because how can one truly know if it is true or not. there is a website I often visit called “The Vigilant Citizen“. The vigilant citizen according to what I read in his about me section is that he used to work in the entertainment industry and is now spreading the truth to the masses for us to see what is really going on behind the curtains of this multi-billion industry.

Now each article VC does usually focuses on an aspect of the entertainment business and he breaks down the hidden symbolism. He has done articles on films such as ‘Coraline’ , articles on children’s toys such as ‘Monster High’ and even the music videos and live performances of popular celebrities such as ‘Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna & Beyonce’ .    When I read these articles granted the things he points out is rather disturbing with lots of artists using aspects of bdsm in their performances and videos alongs with aspects of the occult or some sort of possession as with Nicki Minaj performance of ‘Roman Holiday’ at the 54th Grammy Awards in 2012.

However my question is, if VC knows all this information about the ‘shadow government or illuminati’ why haven’t they stopped  him yet? If plan to control the world’s populace depends on keeping the masses ignorant of the truth then wouldn’t some like the Vigilant Citizen be on their radar as a potential threat? Well I would think so. Also I have notice they is a blog article about VC actually being an agent who uses his website to help indoctrinate more people via reading about this occult practices. Another arguement I have seen is that VC doesn’t promote repentance as seeking Jesus Christ. Now given that this music business is consider satanic by a majority of christians then the right move would be to go to christ.

Now the question then lies whether VC is actually trying to help the people, indoctrinate the people or maybe this guy is over analyzing everything he sees to find occult symbols and an satanic messages? One can never truly know but when visited that website do so with an open-mind and always think for yourself.


7 thoughts on “The Vigilant Citizen: Truther or Disinformation Agent?

  1. He’s a double agent for sure.

    There WAS ( i cant find it any more, curiouser and curiouser) a blog that I and several others were discussing how this “man” (or woman or whatever) always fear mongered but never really gave (at least when i used to tune in to that drivel) solutions or voice or reason to anything feasible to what he was presenting. (more on that in a moment)

    Then there was the matter of VC making a profit off the website. There’s already ads on his site, so why the greed and sell an online book? (unless of course its to make the business of indoctrination profitable too) He cant possibly be racking up that high of a bill on his website that ad space couldn’t be paying it off.

    Lastly and most importantly (back to the first point) is this: VC doesn’t like ANYTHING positive to be interpreted or any flaws in his logic to be pointed out. Do so repeatedly and you notice your comments–at all crazy hours of day and night!– get taken down faster than you can yell “Illuminati!”
    On one occasion I do recall VC talking about “Meet me Halfway” in a SHOCKINGLY positive light. Other than that i used to ask questions that got taken down. And one day it happened, i was banned from a post when I stated “wouldn’t it be hilarious if VC was a double agent? An agent provocateur hired to indoctrinate and further the agenda? ”

    How can one man who HAS to have a life and things to do like eat, shit, breathe, and sleep take ALL of our targeted comments? Unless of course VC was NOT just a one man show, and had MULTIPLE people running the site. Say, a dedicated hired team? Now a book and internet hits itself could not support all that…hmmmm….

    And the plot thickens!

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    • Yes, I thought it was interesting how my comments that had a different viewpoint than VC was deleted, its very fishy. However I find it sad how people on that site do not see how there are in turn becoming the very people they talk about -sheeple.

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  2. VC is 100% disinfo.I’ve been banned from his facebook page coz I wrote something that was against his article.It wasn’t even a rude comment.Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.There’s a rumour that the people behind the VC site are Mitch Joel and Micheal Kanfi.I remember some1 on the facebook fan page posted both those names and that comment was immediately deleted.By the way u made a very good point as to why VC’s site hasn’t been blocked or taken down as he tends to over expose celebrities.Don’t get me wrong,VC has some great articles but if you post your opinion,going against those articles,your comment will get deleted OR you might get banned.

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  3. Why make a blog site if people cant voice their opinion? Sites like VC should be shut down. Same goes for a site i was on called beginningandend. No matter the documents, articles or opinions i posted, they bashed, ridiculed and attacked me and said they were “debunking” it. I got tired of their blind ignorance

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    • Sadly sites like this are not being shut down and its sad because they say one thing but do the complete opposite and the readers aren’t any better by attacking you if you don’t agree with the popular viewpoint


  4. I agree fully. I have often felt an internal sense of, ‘maybe these guys are dishing out more of the negativity by over-saturating the playing field with this information’, and these stories have confirmed my suspicion. Just trust god, folks. He says man will deceive you.

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  5. Oh crap, my alters were really starting to trust that “guy”. >_>

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