Noah: The Biblical Action Movie

The other day I rented Noah, sat down, watched it with my family. It was truly an interesting take on the biblical story of Noah and the Great Flood. However majority of christians didn’t like the film because it wasn’t true to the bible. well of course it won’t be true to the bible, its a movie. I have read the story of Noah, compared to the story of Moses and the ressurection of Jesus Christ, its quite short. So in order to make it longer and of course get people to watch it some things needed to be added or tweaked.

For example, the watchers in the film are fallen angels. Now according to the bible fallen angels are those who sided with Lucifer and became demons. In the film the watchers are fallen angels who helped mankind but help mankind after they were banished. So god punishes them by cursing them,they no longer are beings of pure light but stone golems. The movie pretty much turned them into beings which the audience could sympathize with. Afterall we all have commited some type of sin which we regret.


Fallen Angels




                      Stone Golem

Another difference is how Noah gets his visions of the great flood. The first one he gets from god but the rest he recieves it by getting assistance from his grandfather by use of herbs ( or to some occult ritual) . Also the relic which he possesses is the skin of a snake and not just any old snake but satan aka the serpent himself. The relic from what I gathered its usage in the film was a reminder to the true followers of God about sin and what destruction it has caused mankind.




Snake Skin Relic

Now I know any pre-martial sexual activity is a no in the bible but that didn’t stop Shem and Ila. later in the film after a make-out session (just kissing) eventually turns to sex when Ila is no longer barren after meeting with grandfather. She runs to Shem engages in sex and gets knocked up. There are more things that didn’t happen in the bible like Noah being a fighter among many others.


Noah was met with positive reviews from the critics, the christian community – no. This film is based loosely on the bible so whenever a movie states its loosely based on something I kniw that there will be somethings the director decided to change so it looks better on screen. I mean seriously can you blame them? Its a movie and people want to be entertained and if people searching for god or what to know about any event that happened in the bible GO READ THE BIBLE, very simple. Don’t go looking to Hollywood to make some awe inspiring biblical film when hollywood makes a majority of movies that involves a bunch of things that is condemn in the bible. However if you want to have a good quality christian films then christian community is gonna have to come together to make one. The Left behind series which is about to get a remake starring Nicholas Cage from what I hear is a good christian film, so go and support people like that cause Hollywood surely will not be making one.

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