This is Samhain


October is here and Halloween is drawing near. Personally I have always loved this holiday because of one reason- it was the day I got candy for free. Now that I’m older trick or treating seems childish even though two years ago i went trick or treating with my best friend. Also now that I am older my knowledge of the history of this day filled with candy and spooky fun has me seeing this day in a whole new light.

Halloween is which is better known as Samhain is an ancient pagan holiday celebrated by the celtics. It is a day where the veil between the living and dead is thin making communication easy (or in case of horror films demonic possession ) . Now the original purpose of All hallows eve has gotten lost over time and now its a day for free candy.

I stop trick or treating when I was a kid and now when this holiday comes along and sit down and watch movies. It gets pretty boring doing the same thing every year but its the only time I can sit down and enjoy a good horror or thriller.  Anyway this halloween I’m gonna do something different something I’ve always to do and that is go to a halloween party. I get event to one every year but I’ve been too busy to go but not this year. 

So to keep this short, I hope everyone has an wickledy awesome Halloween ,stay safe & don’t let the spirits that roam the night get you down.


3 thoughts on “This is Samhain

  1. I too love halloween. Not for the candy, im a diabetic but, for the fact that its the one time of the year i feel normal lol. Im tattooed, pierced and into heavy metal and demonic stuff. Not that i believe in demons and the nonsense as ou can tell by my name. I dont sacrifice chikdren or cats, i love cats and i have a son. I just love the darker side of life. In moviesand tv, i pull for the bad guy lol. “I despise purity” – slipknot. Not to say i hate the good things in life. I simply dislike those hypocrites that claim purity, then ridicule me for how i look. 😀 Happy Halloween Creatures of the Night!

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    • You & my friends would totally get along lol i’m not into heavy metal myself but i do listen to some nice bands though i mainly listen to jpop/kpop because they seem to have a bit more talent than a majority of US pop singers


      • Lol yea. I like the european metal bands a little more myself. Alot of iron maiden and ac/dc. Im really into korn. I think they are top on my list right now. Alot of their songs make me feel like, they get me. They understand me. I can sit down and listen to any song korn has ever made.

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