The Rapture:Left Behind


So today I went to watch the film Left Behind based on a series of 12 best-selling novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, dealing with Christian dispensationalist End Times: pretribulation, premillennial, Christian eschatological viewpoint of the end of the world. The series was first published 1995–2007 and Left Behind is the title of the first book in the series.  Left Behind has so far been made into four films the Left Behind triology starring Kirk Cameron and the 2014 reboot starring Nicolas Cage.


I heard about this film and decided to watch the original triology first so I can compare it with the reboot and honestly I can say each both films have pros and cons. (Spoilers!!!) The reboot overall was a pretty decent film. It followed  Rayford Steele (Cage) a pilot as the rapture takes place while he is in route to London. Now Rayford is a married man with a loving wife and two beautiful children but as one can see from the way the family interacts with one another that the are problems which sadly is nit be handled correctly. The daughter Chloe is annoyed by her mothers christians way feeling she’s just a wacko. The mother belief also takes a toll on her marriage to which Rayford is having an affair with his flight attendant.

Now there was a scene in the airport where Buck played by Chad Micheal Murray is signing autographs for fans when approached by a christian woman who tells him that the current state of the world was foretold in the bible (book of revelations). Now Chloe laughs at the woman to which the christians gets a bit defensive and thus a small and brief debate happens between the christian and non-believer. Thoughout the film Chloe and Rayford try to figure out what does this all mean and slowly began the path toward God.  For a reboot of a christian film it was good,I thought Nicolas Cage did a wonderful performance and Cassi Thomson (Chloe) did an amazing job as well.

I felt that the film was not too preachy like the original. The original film felt as if I was being bombard with bible verses almost everything that happened a bible verse was need. The reboot did a wonderful job of conveying the message without overdoing it. The depiction of the two christians in the film I didn’t think showed that they were crazy or annoying. The mother from the scenes she was in seemed like a sincere mother who was strong in her beliefs and from what is told from the daughter and father she has tried to bring them to the faith but to no avail.  Chloe,I believe was a decent depiction of how some, I repeat some non-believers act toward christians and the same goes for the christian woman in the airport. When questioned by Chloe she became defensive rather quickly when her faith was question which is understandable  but with both parties being defensive there can be no civil discussion because everyone is too guarded.

I did enjoy film showing the passengers aboard the plane and how each individual  was handling the situation. There were several interesting characters,the muslim,the drug addict,the conspiracy theorist,the vet, and the mother. I thought it was interesting to see these group of people trying to guess what happened to the missing people and some of the guesses brought up some distrust. For example the vet was suspicious of the muslim thinking he had something to do with the missing. The muslim is actually the first aboard the plan to suggest prayer which the vet responds “which god?” . Now the muslim wasn’t forcing anyone aboard the plane to pray to Allah but the vet took it that way, he just wanted everyone to take a moment and pray to whatever deity they needed too. There was also the suggestion of alien abuduction which i thought was interesting given this is a christian film but it was good showing to a more realistic view of how we as people interact with each other on a daily basis.

Overall the film was good and I’m disappointed  to see that it has gotten so many negative reviews especially from the christian community. Yes the film is a christian film but the purpose of the film being in theaters with actors such Nicolas Cage is to help spread the message to a wider audience. So yes somethings were changed but it didn’t take away from the intent and message of the film. The original as I stated before was too preachy and nobody wants to be preach too. So if you don’t like the film go ahead and by the original trilogy and be done. I’m tired of hearing christians complaining about not enough christian films but when one gets into the theaters you rip it apart with negativity.


One thought on “The Rapture:Left Behind

  1. Religion just needd to go away. It does nothing more then cause seperation. Christianity claims that it wants to bring people together but has done nothing except drive people apart and we are not one step closer to being united. GO AWAY RELIGION. YOUR GODS ARE DEAD


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