Black Girl Nerd Love

Growing up I’ve been watching shows that intrigued me and fueled my imagination from sailor moon to xena ,my very active imagination never faltered. I would occassionally go outside and pretend i was the warrior princess. I even made a paper version of her chakram to throw around however as I got older and learned about cosplay the spark i had seem to fade away.

Entering high school I was introduce to stares,criticism and bullying. I often tried to ignore it yet I can not understand why I was being picked my fellow African-Americans but then I realized it was because I didn’t fit into the box. My mom instilled in me from a very young the importance of education and being and acting like a young lady. My upbringing allowed me from an early age to befriend many people regardless of race,culture or religion. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd/otaku and proud of it.

During my high school years I have heard of cosplay and conventions since I now lived in the state of Georgia (im originally from New Orleans) and I have always wanted to go and dress as my favorite character but was discourage because I was a woman of color. The image of being a nerd,gamer,otaku etc was always a white person and it seemed like there was place for me. Being a black nerd within the black community can be problematic for example while most are watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta i will be busy watch Supernatural or Black Butler. Even taste in music can be a challenged along with talking on an intellectual  level which sadly a majority do not have because there are allowing themselves to be formed into a stereotype that does not benefit them. Dating I found is also a problem. So far at 23 years I have never been on a date nor had a boyfriend. I am constantly told by black males that I’m awesome,beautiful and smart yet no ones trying to take me to the movies or a nice dinner.

It seems like being a black female nerd is just hard but I have found several websites and blogs for black people in the geek community. I follow several of them and they are truly an inspiration to me.

Polychrome Dreams


The Lovely Ify


Jazzmin Jolly


I hope to be as awesome as these cool young women.

When I reflect on my life so far I wouldn’t change it. I have become a very strong,smart and beautiful young woman with a passion for Japanese culture,gaming and much more. Hopefully someday I will find someone to share my nerdiness with me but for now I will continue  to grow as person and start learning how to sew and decide on whether to cosplay as Grell, Harley Quinn or Daernarys…..choices choices

Me ^_^


7 thoughts on “Black Girl Nerd Love

  1. Your Lolita outfit is STUNNING! Great work!


  2. love this post. It amazes me how black people have completely accepted and live up to the stereotypical image of what a black person should be, what the music they should listen to, how they should talk, etc.
    I too am a nerd and proud of it. Knoedge is power.

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    • Thanks for reading and yes black people sadly have molded themselves to the images of rappers ,bad b*tches and just plain rachetness and think its normal


  3. Loved this post! I grew up the exact same way, only without benefit of the Internet (as I’m significantly older than you.) All I can do, as a Nerdy Black Woman, is offer my complete support and tell you to keep following what you love and never give it up. Your geeky interests will bring you much joy, no matter what. Only in the past five years, have I managed to make friends with other Nerdy Black Women (and helping to raise another one. She’s coming along very well.)

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  4. You’re cute. 🙂 It’s okay to be a little different. You don’t always have to follow the crowd. Just stay true to yourself and don’t forget your roots. And never turn your back on your people. Other than that,what you watch or read shouldn’t matter too much. Just follow your instincts.

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