If We Burn,You Burn!


A powerful statement made by the mockingjay in the latest installment  of the Hunger Games franchise based on the novels written by Suzanne Collins. In this lastest film there are no more hungers games but revolution against the capitol.

Katniss having been saved from the quarter quells in the previous film Catching Fire she finds herself under ground of District 13 where President Coin and the others need her to be a symbol,the mockingjay for the rebellion. At first Katniss refuses but after making a deal things begin to heat up. Districts are rebellion despite President Snow’s new law that anyone who associates with the Mockingjay will be killed. With Katniss at the helm,the capitol as President Snow stated is the heart while the other didtricts are the veins which keep it pumping.


Well he was right about that as each district rebels the capitol begins to crumble. However things only get worse when Gale and five others go on a rescue mission to save Peeta and the other victors and Katniss realizes that President Snow will stop at nothing to destroy Katniss,the girl on fire.

I had never read any of the Hunger Games novels and for me Mockingjay pt. I would have to be my favorite of the franchise so far because it final shows the result of the unrest of the people who live outside the capitol. The film had several scenes that tore at my heart and made me fill as of I was either part of the rebellion or in Katniss’s shoes. Also the song “The Hanging Tree” song by Jennifer Lawrence in the film along with District 7 is very haunting and the composition by James Newton Howard just makes you put the song on repeat. If you have not seen Mockingjay pt. I then go and see it you will not be disappointed.



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