Christmas: The Neverending Battle


Ah winter has come and everyone is preparing for the beautiful holiday of Christmas. Now growing up christmas was always a big deal because thats the day i knew I would get presents,eat a big meal and meet with family that I haven’t seen since I came outta the womb. However now that I’m older Christmas in America has become sort of a battle ground for those of the christian faith.

So I’m curious as to way its a big deal to those of this particular faith. So in order to find that answer I had to do a lot of reading and I discovered the true meaning of the holidays.

Christmas has its roots in pre-Christian winter festivals. Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the deity Saturn, the holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, in the Roman Forum, and a public banquet, which was  followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves.


Yule was an indigenous midwinter festival celebrated by the Germanic peoples. The Norse peoples viewed it as a time for much feasting, merrymaking, and in the icelandic sagas is states that sacrifices were done as well. Many of the traditions from this ancient cultures still existed today in modern christmas such as the yule log,mistletoe,gift-giving, and of course the christmas tree.  These traditions were adopted when Christianity began to spread across Europe during the conversion of many pagans.

Now today many christians celebrated December 25th as the birth of Jesus Christ even though no one knows exactly when Jesus was born. The problem that has come about with this lovely holiday is the fact that many believe Christmas is no longer focus on Christ.  The holiday like many others which also has pagan roots have become very commercialized and its not suprising that christmas is a huge business. I mean look at all the advertisement,all the things you need to get your family and friends,decorating your house for the holidays,Christmas fashion,christmas dinner,christmas plays such as the nutcracker and much more.

Now for the christian populace many feel that christianity is under attack however I do not think that is true -that’s my opinion.  This is taken from a website on the situation.

Keep in mind, the main problem is not the way we trivialize shepherds and reinvent angels. Nor is it the season of the year. I doubt that Jesus cares whether we celebrate His birth in December or closer to the unknown date.

Nor is it the world’s religious alternatives to Christianity. While Kwanza, Hanukkah, and Winter Solstice may have replaced Christmas programs in public schools and homes, they alone wouldn’t weaken the true Church. Even socialism and Communism can’t quench faith. Their darkness only makes the light shine brighter and His promises more precious.

Now the writer of this article mentions that Kwanzaa,Hanukkah and Winter Solstice replaced christmas programs in schools and homes. I find this funny and bit arrogant. Kwanzaa is not a holiday to replaced Christmas but a holiday for those of the african-american community to help African Americans reconnect with their African cultural and historical heritage by uniting in meditation and study of African traditions and Nguzo Saba, the “seven principles of African Heritage.  Hannakah is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire of the 2nd century BC.  I’m curious to what’s so wrong about these holidays in which people are celebrating their history?  Also seriously winter solstice, um christmas has its roots in this winter festival if anything christmas replaced winter solstice.

The fight on trying to restore Christ to christmas should not be this much of a big deal. Many schools that I know of celebrate and acknowledge  all three holidays except winter solstice/yule. Many business used the term “happy holidays ” instead and if they want to do so its their right, one can not force another to bend to their will. In my eyes on what I see every December Christ hasn’t disappeared from Christmas and I’m a non-christian. I still see many of the christian faith celebrating the birth of their savior,the other day a friend had posted a video on her facebook wall of a flash mob in a mall sing a song celebrating christ and shoppers stopped and joined in,it ended with a man and woman and a baby dressed as Joseph,Mary and Jesus and the people got down on their knees and tears of joy were falling down their faces. So no christ has not left christmas he is still there and christianity is in no way in my eyes under attack or those of the faith being oppressed because if this was a group of pagans doing a flash mob about their beliefs it would be an uproar.



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