My Experience : Social Media


I remember in 8th grade being introduced to social media for the first time,it was during a play rehearsal for Bye Bye Birdie. I was part of the chorus and I was also had the part of the sad girl – i had an awesome dance number. Anyway I remember the high school students talking about Myspace ,now at 13 years old I had no clue what that was but I sure did when I entered high school for the first time.

In high school me and my family had moved to Georgia thanks to Hurricane Katrina and basically I was a fish outta water. My first year of high school I would have to make friends and get used to a whole new environment. My first few days were okay except for people asking me if I did voodoo and wanting to hear my accent. I remember the movie Mean Girls and how the cafeteria was divided based on different cliques boy was I surprised to find that when I entered the cafeteria for the first time. I had no clue on where to sit:

• cholo’s
•smart asians
•ghetto asians
•nerdy whites
•goth whites
• wanna be black thugs

and much more. So I found myself a table-well the edge of a table and ate alone. Later during english I met and made my first friend. She was of Vietnamese descent and she loved anime. We talked and since I didn’t have a phone she gave me her myspace. Now I still had no clue what that was so when i got home I looked it up.I created myself an account and eventually added all the friends I made. Now in my junior year Myspace was waning in popularity while Facebook was on the rise so I made an account. Eventually I deleted Myspace account because no one was using it anymore. I added my friends and family on there so we could keep in touch.

Now that I’m 23 there are a bunch of social media that people are connecting with one another and frankly I can not keep up. Its like everytime I turn on the tv a new social app has popped up and everyone is one it. I’m a blogger and youtube and I only use social media that I feel benefits me by helping me prompt myself,but of course there are some apps I use to keep in touch with my friends. Social media has many pros to its usage but also some cons.

In this age of technology,we as people rarely speak to each other. Majority of when I see people they are either texting,tweeting,taking selfies,making vines or whatever;we don’t communicate like we used too. Not only that but my generation and the one behind us is so use to emojos and text lingo that it has literally found its way into our daily conversations, I find myself sometimes going “omg or wtf”. In high school we had to peer grade ourpapers for english and I kid you not but this young man wrote his entire paper using text lingo and I was just like you’ve got to be kidding me?

I will still use social media but I will work on using it less to communicate with other people cause I feel its making me anti-social and that is not good especially if I hope to be married someday ttly ^_^.



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