Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer!!!

Welll I’m currently at school getting some studying in when I decided to check out youtube and saw that the teaser trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot is up. So I clicked the video and watched it and I have to saw it’s a bit more darker than the previous version.

Watch it here:

Now I remember when I first heard about the reboot and thought it was a bit too soon because the first two films were not that old yet. Anyhow the cast is completely younger and the character of Johnny Storm will be portrayed by an African-American actor which I noticed on several blogs,forums,tweets etc has cause an uproar. Personally I don’t have a problem with Johnny Storm being portrayed by an African-American. It’s a movie and what I know about comics from my guy friends is that they are several story arcs and different universe in which this characters live and can go through many changes like Thor is now a female.  Also this film is a reboot we as the audience will get to see a different take on these astronaut turned superhero and who really wants to see the same story never changing over and over again – it would get pretty boring. So when the film comes out on August 17,2015 I will pay my ticket to see the film and post my review.  One thing I hate is when people judge a film sorely based on a teaser trailer – A TEASER is just what the title means its’ to tease the audience with whats to come.


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