Katy Perry Super Bowl Performance 2015

Okay so Sunday night I missed the halftime performance of Katy Perry because my tv decided to go on strike but I waited till someone upload the full performance on youtube. So I watched the entire performance and Katy Perry in all honesty did okay. I have seen a lot of people comment and said she did amazing but I thought it was just okay. Katy Perry is a pop artist and a majority of her hits are not songs one would find in a club time setting but are mostly mellow,laid-back and inspirational.

The halftime show begins with Katy Perry on a giant lion while she performs her song ‘Roar” then everything goes dark and now Katy Perry is one stage which is made to look like a giant chessboard with the dancers dressed as chess pieces and she performs ‘Dark Horse” this song is then followed by a duet with Lenny Kravitz of a rock-out version of Katy’s song ‘I Kissed A Girl”. The duet was beautiful and Katy and Lenny should really think about recording a song together. now the stage is changed yet again to a colorful,childlike beach with Katy singing ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘California Girls’.  Now for about three minutes Missy Elliot comes out and performs three songs ‘ Get Your Freak On”, ‘Work It”, and ‘Lose Control’ with Katy Perry as her hype woman. Lastly to end the whole halftime performance Katy Perry performs ‘Firework”.

Watch the performance here:


Again, Katy Perry did okay,her performance wasn’t bad but what I have seen of previous halftime shows I think Katy good have done a lot better. I think if Katy ever performs halftime again, I think she should watch her halftime performance and learn what can she do to make it better.

My top four halftime performances:

4.  Madonna

3. Bruno Mars


2. Beyonce


1. Michael Jackson




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