Be Freaky, Fabulous & Unique

At 23 (soon to be 24) I am way to old to be playing with dolls but that doesn’t mean I can not collect them. I been into these fashion dolls called Monster High for awhile now and I wished these dolls were out when I was a kid. These dolls spread a beautiful message about acceptance no matter what freaky flaw you have, we’re all different and thats okay.

Monster High debut back in 2010 and has several films, a web series and even a live-action film in the works. The students if monster high are all children of famous monsters of sci-fi,fantasy,myths, legends etc. The main girls or ghouls at school are Frankie stein the daughter of Frankenstein, Draculara the daughter of Dracula, Clawdeen the daughter if the werewolf, Cleo de Nile daughter of the Mummy? Lagoona daughter of the creature of the black lagoon and ghoulia daughter of the zombie. These ghouls throughout the webseries and their films learn imporant lessons about friendships,standing up for what is right and learning to be yourself.


Bottom Left to Right: Draculara,Clawdeen,Frankie Stein, Lagoona, Cleo de Nile

I have noticed that many parents mostly christian mothers have a huge dislike of the dolls to which is understandable. All dolls from Barbie to Monster High are considered fashion doll with the dolls having make-up and short skirts and fishnets along with wearing high heels majority of these we as a society equate with unlady like behavior or just being too grown. However there are other toys on the market that if parents dont want to be their little girls fashion dolls then no one is forcing you buy something else. Another main reason many adults hate Monster High is the fact that the theme is monsters. Everything in the monster high universe revolves around the characters and their scaritage (heritage). The girls refer to themselves as ghouls, the cellphones are known as iCoffins and their lockers are shaped like coffins and of course the emblem of monster high is a skull with a pink bow. Skulls and coffins for many represent death but if there are monsters then what do you expect them to have crosses?


Monster High has become so popular not only among young girls and tweens which is its target demographic but teenagers and adults like myself.  What draws me to Monster High is the fact that they are different than Barbie and more culturally diverse. Monster High with each new webisode or film introduce a new character that is inspire by whatever culture she or he hails from such as Jinafire Long, a  chinese dragon and Skelita, a skeleton with day of the dead inspired look.




The Monster High franchise has several films
•Fright On!
•Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love
•Escape from Skull Shores
•Ghouls Rules
•Scaris: City of Frights
•Friday Night Frights
•13 Wishes
•Frights, Camera, Action!
•Freaky Fusion
•Boo York a Monsterrific Musical (comimg soon)

Each film tackles a diferent theme that  either the ghouls or their new friends must overcome. In Fright On, Monster High becomes gets intergrated with two schools,one is an all vampire school while the other is all werewolves. The head mistress hopes to show the school board that despite their differences monsters can work and come together in harmony and eventually join normy (human ) society. Fright On can be seen as  dealong with issues of racism and prejudice. Vampires and Werewolves two species that have very bad history with one other learning to over come their differences to create peace.

In Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love , Draculara deals with fantasy versus reality in terms of love. Valentine is Draculara’s old vampire boyfriend who give her everything a ghoul could want in terms of romance but its all a fantasy its not real. However Clawd,her current boyfriend can’t give her all the fancy stuff and woe her with poetry but the love he has for her is real. In Freaky Fusion the issues of the new monsters who hail from two different monster parents can be seen as people who are biracial dealing with identity not fitting in with either side.

This is what I love about this franchise it takes real issues and puts in a way that young children can understand. I love that it celebrates peoples differences no matter where you’re from we’re all special and unique in our own way.



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