The Messengers Season 1 Episode 1 ‘The Awakening’ Review


I have noticed lately lots of media has been christian or god focused lately and the CW’s latest show is no different. I think it differently adds more diversity to the mix of what is already aired on television and what is played in theaters. The CW  is filled with shows of superheroes,zombies, hunters,vampires of course some royal drama and now it has added angels to the mix.

Episode 1 of the Messengers titled ‘The Awakening’ begins with a man who shoots a young man stated that his name is Death and that Hell will follow. It then pans to seven years later where we are introduced to several different people: Vera (the radio astronomer), Raul (the agent on the run), Erin (the devoted mother), Peter (the teenager), and Joshua (the TV preacher).  As we can see in just the first couple of minutes of the show that the show will have some religious and spiritual  overtones, yet still be entertaining to the masses.


Vera and her partner witness what they believe to be a meteor fall from the sky and some sort of invisible shield pass through Vera and the other five and their are unconscious for a few minutes only to awaken with new found abilities. The meteor is then reveled to be a man who has fallen from the sky,now we can interpret the fallen man is Lucifer and that this is the beginning of the end of days as stated in the Book of Revelation. The preacher Joshua makes a broadcast about what is to come before his father cuts the live signal.

Each character has their own individual problems that they are dealing with such as Erin trying to protect her daughter from her father who threatens her in the hospital stating he will write that Erin was drinking which caused the crash. As the show moves on three of the five chosen ones show abilities and at times their angelic wings can be seen in mirrors. The man who had fallen from the sky shows up in Vera’s home and makes a deal with her, if she can do something for him then she can have her child returned to her.  Meanwhile in Houston, Joshua the preacher discovers his wife has been unfaithful and that children growing inside of her mostly likely belong to his father. He then gets a vision of a hospital, the meteor crash site and what seems to be some sort of explosion. He heads to the hospital while the others are heading to Houston. The man (from the meteor) is seen at a hospital where the young woman from earlier in the show who was shot is seen in the bed unconscious but on life support and his eyes is shown turning black with red as his pupils while the voice over of the preacher can be heard speaking of Lucifer.

I think this show has much potential,it has me hooked and waiting for the next episode. The show is filled with biblical overtones which may not go over to well with certain people but it truly will have people who normally don’t watch tv due to whatever reasons tune in.



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