Just Put It on Netflix

When it comes to television I prefer to watch a show that not only has a great cast but a great script as well. I’m not one for reality tv because to me its not really a reality these celebrities or tv personas are just putting on an act for ratings. However I feel like when there are shows that are really good they are quickly given the axe because the ratings were not up to the networks standards.

Some of the shows I watch usually involve some sort of supernatural element which adds a bit of excitment but its not the reason I watch its the story, for example.NBC’s ‘Dracula’ which was canceled after only one season. It takes the story of Dracula instead of him becoming a vampire of his own accord, he becomes this master of the night by a secret society which is the same society that is centuries later trying to kill him and his kind. It still has the elements of romance in terms of Dracula and Mina but with Mina character she is in school to become a doctor which was
probably unheard of in Victorian,London.

There is also the case of Mr. Reinfield, in the 1990’s film Bram Stokers Dracula, Reinfield becomes one of Draculas minions. In this spin Reinfield is portrayed by an educated black male who meets Grayson (Dracula) on a train as a waiter. Mr. Grayson employes Mr. Reinfield and they form a interesting and well like bromance.  Other characters in the series such as Lucy, Harker and the hunter Van Helsing. The twisted to all these characters  is brillant and amazing but sadly the show ended with a nice little cliffhanger ( I hate those) and now I will never know what happens next.




Witches of East End is another show with a great cast and script that was ended too soon. Witches of East End is based of the book of the same name. I love this series because at its core it was about family similar to Charmed & Supernatural. The show aired on Lifetime and was canceled after only two seasons which also ended on a cliffhanger. Witches of East had an interesting plot line where the women are actually cursed, Joanna the mother is cursed with immortality and having to give birth to her two daughters everytime they die. The sister,Wendy is cursed as a cat with nine lives.  Freya and Ingrid are the two daughters who in season 1 have no idea that they are witches but as the plot moves along not only do they discover that they are witches but their home is actually Asgard ( yes like Thor from the Avengers).




Personally I think both shows should continue on Netflix, they’re great shows with a dedicated fanbase and an amazing cast. I hated that shows that are really good get canceled meanwhile shows like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ gets renewed. Its sad that good shows must suffer because the ones who own the networks are trying to make everything appealing to teens and tweens.


                 ( The cast of Dracula)


       ( The cast of Witches of East End)


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