Hidden Racism

Since the events of the murder of Trayvon Martin and the events in Ferguson and Baltimore, people from all walks of life are giving their opinions on the situation. The two most outspoken parties are blacks and whites to which should be no suprise given the history of racism in America. Now yes slavery is illegal, there are no more Jim Crow laws nor do blacks get lynched but just because these things are not happening and more blacks and whites are engaging in interracial relationships does not mean racism is dead, it is just hidden very well in 2015.

A friend of mine shared this post on my facebook wall, it’s a short video about how employers are least likely to choose an potential employee if the name sounds to ‘urban’ . Now I have realized for awhile now that anytime the media mentions the word ‘urban’ or ‘thug’ it is code word for black. Some don’t see it that way but as a society are we truly so blinded by our own willfull ignorance that we can not see the subtle and hidden racism that still goes on here in America?

There is a woman, a white woman who keeps posting this facts or statistics that are suppose to prove that blacks are the cause to their own suffering and without help from the great white hope blacks would be in totally and pure chaos. The statistics she continually continues to post in the comment section of the video are all from this website called National Youth Front. Now it sounds harmful so I decided to check it out , these are screen shots from the about page




Now the misson statement seems like it means well but when one looks at the mascot of the website which is known as the white rabbit, one can see the hidden racism reveal itself.


If you notice the eyes of the white rabbit you can see a lightening bolt in each eye. If you put those two bolts together you get the SS bolts which is one of the symbols of white supremacy. I have seen these even tatted on white men in Georgia (which shouldn’t be suprising). 


I don’t know if the woman posting all these suppose facts knows if anyone would noticed the symbolism but I did. I like to read about cultures,religions, symbols and what their meaning. Also the website in its mission statement talks about they’re not racist but just take a look at their memes page on their site and one can see its a lie. Here is one of the memes


This meme is a warning for white women not to mix with black males and their reasons for not mixing is because apparently they are most likely to be murder by their black partner,become single mothers with their mixed child and will catch aids or an std by sleeping with a black male. Are you serious?  So I’m guessing white males like Charles Manson must be saints.

I know they will be some you probably won’t read this post and they will be some yelling reverse racism (which does not exist).  Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power is the slogon of my blog and I hold true to those words. The only way to change the state of affairs of any situation is to allow ones self to be open to the truth that lies before them but many prefer their nice rosy blinders and live in a state of willfull and blissfull ignorance until something or someone pops their bubble and starts to see all that was kept outta sight and mind.

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Racism

  1. Thank you for this post. I can’t imagine that this will have too much of an impact on the youth of today, since most of them are extremely liberal. And there are a lot of mixed race children, a good thing. I found the website to be disgusting and hateful. I wonder what will happen when the the white race is indeed the minority in this country.

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  2. Looks a lot like Stormfront. I check these racist sites out once in awhile. I like to know how my enemy thinks.


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