I’m Lost for Words

A friend of mine shared this in facebook and it hust had me in disbelief that some would actually think this was a good thing.



9 thoughts on “I’m Lost for Words

  1. That’s more than a little odd.


  2. If it’s not entirely a joke, it’s meant to goad a woman such as yourself. Probably, though, it’s a tool to aggravate black men into action and teaching by example.


  3. That is blasphemy!! Disgusting!! That better be a sick joke. Whoever did that can NOT be serious!


    • It’s not a joke. There are whole websites devoted to the idea of black women getting on with life by ceasing to wait for their mythical black prince and start dating men of other races. “Swirling”, they call it, and lots of black women married to white men comment there to encourage other black women to start doing the same.

      I have absolutely NO problem with the interracial marriage, but there is something inherently sick about the idea of refusing to date and marry a suitable person from your own race.

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