Comic Con 2015

So I have been reading a lot of news of everything that has been going on with comic con especially with the trailers of new tv shows such as the walking dead spin-off and new films like Deadpool. So as a fan of Marvel and DC Comics I am very excited for the films.

Suicide Squad Trailer:

Jared Leto as Joker


Okay so the Suicide Squad trailer was released in hd by Warner Bros after the film was leaked by those in H Hall. I have watched the trailer and so far it looks good, the film is still in the middle of shooting so these teaser will suffice for now. Personally I’m glad that I will finally see Harley Quinn on the big screen and Jared Letos Joker looks pretty good. I have seen many comments on social media comparing Leto’s joker to the joker portrayed by Heath Ledger. One can’t compare the two each voice actor and actor that has every portrayed the clown prince of crime has brought their own flare to the character making it unique. So I saw wait to you actually see the entire film before making such an opinion.

Other films I’m looking forward too is X-Men Apocalypse



Tv shows I’m looking forward too

Fear the Walking Dead

Into the Badlands

Once Upon A Time Season 5


4 thoughts on “Comic Con 2015

  1. Those trailers really look great! The X Men will be awesome. But I really want to see Suicide Squad. I think that film will surprise a lot of people. And that girl playing Storm is pretty HOT!!!lol My buddy went to the San Diego Comic Con and said it was a blast! I’ve been to the one in Long Beach a few years ago. The Long Beach one is coming up in September. I may try to go to it. Should be fun.

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  2. Did you see the Superman vs Batman trailer? What did you think? I thought it looked really good!


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