Lucifer is coming to Primetime

This morning i was on YouTube checking out some movie trailers and seen some pretty good ones. I then stumbled upon this trailer for a new show on Fox called “Lucifer”, now the premise is that Lucifer is tired of ruling hell and decided to quit return to Earth and open up a club in the City of Angels. Now what really got me is that the show seems to be aiming to make Lucifer sort of the anti-hero, where he can be likable. Now I looked at the comments and of course christians were upset by this trailer, they were upset by The Messengers which was on the CW but got canceled and GCB (Good Christians Bitches) which was canceled after only one season on ABC.

I understand why christians are upset by these shows but at the end of the day, its tv. These shows are not catered to children which is why all tv,movies,video games etc have ratings so you know whats right for a child or not.  GCB I thought was a good show because yes in this world there are women who acted holy in the public eye but behind close doors they turn into real bitches, their image is a façade. Christians were upset by the title but that is sadly a reality of many women in the church, not all christian are holy like the PeacefulWife.



The Messengers was a good show as well but because it wasn’t exactly like the bible christians didn’t like it. Well no movie or tv adaptions will ever me exactly  like the book, that’s why it’s called an adaption. When taking something like the Bible or The Hunger Games and turning it to a tv show of film, the screenwriter and director must decided on what would looks good on film or what part of the plot is not necessary  (like fillers) and they must do this while keeping faithful to the original source as much as they can.  It’s not always gonna be word for word and not only that but they have to reach a larger audience. Now I have yet to read the Hunger Games Trilogy but I have still seen the films and the message of the film I still understood. Same for the Messengers, I am not a christian but they message the show was trying to make was about faith regardless of one’s religious denomination but sadly many people did not see that and so it was canceled.



Now with Lucifer, it will be interesting to see where this plot goes with Lucifer no longer controlling Hell. There is know one to control and keep up the demons nor damned souls so literally all hell might be breaking loose and I’m sure god might intervene to help keep things in balance.  Plus it would be interesting to see things from Lucifer’s point of view, after all the bible is the word of God and it is written from his viewpoint but there are two sides to every story and this is something I look forward too.


Fox’s Lucifer Trailer


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