Disney: I understand now pt. II

Cinderella  would have to be one the most popular fairytales of all time. I have seen many adaptions of these one fairytale, the most popular ones being disney.  As a little girl I hated the original three disney princesses which are Snow White,Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty. They were weak to me, they were the damsels in distress who needed a man to rescue them or get them out of a situation.  It wasn’t till I saw the 2015 adaption of Cinderella for my birthday that I finally understood Cinderella.


Cinderella starts off as this young girl bright and beautiful with a beautiful and happy family. One day her mother becomes ill and eventually dies leaving the father to find a mother figure for his daughter. So he remarries a woman named Lady Tremaine who brings her two daughters and her cat named Lucifer into the marriage. At first Lady Tremaine seems kind to Ella until her true colors are revealed when Ella’s father passes away. Tremaine treats Ella as a servant girl in her own home and the stepsiters begin calling Ella ‘Cinderella’ due to the fact she normally sleeps by the fire and the cinders or ash usually is left on her fair face.



As Cinderella tries to keep a positive outlook, the royal palace decides to throw a ball for all eligible young maidens to attend so the prince can choose a bride and marry. Lady Tremaine and her daughters head to the ball and prevent Cinderella from going by ripping up her dress which her friends (birds,mice etc) help create. Distraught Ella runs off crying and thus appears her fairy godmother who gives Ella the chance to go to the ball, however the magic she placed upon Ella will only last till midnight (magic always comes with a price )







Cinderella arrives to the ball and everyone is mesmerized by her including the prince whom see had met before (in the 2015 adaption). He takes her hand and they have a beautiful dance meanwhile Lady Tremaine is highly upset because she was hoping that Prince Kit (in the 2015 adaption he is known as Kit but in the original he is just known as Prince Charming) who fancy one of her daughters. When Kit and Ella finish dancing they go out in the garden to a swing and just talking and get to know each other a little more. Soon the clock strikes midnight and Ella quickly flees the castle leaving behind only one shoe. When Ella gets homes she revels in her brief moment of freedom which is soon interrupted when Tremaine returns home from the ball. The prince who wants to marry the beautiful young woman from last night finds her slipper is encourage by his father who with his finally breath gives his son permission to marry. Kit then becomes king and decrees that every maiden in the kingdom try on the slipper.  Ella upon hearing the news heads to her room to fetch the other slipper when Lady Tremaine realizes that Ella is the mysterious lady from the night before, destroys the shoe and locks Ella in the attic.


The Grand Duke arrives and Lady Tremaine convinces the duke to reward her with the title countess and advantageous marriages for her daughters. The duke takes the shattered glass to Kit hoping her will forget the mystery girl but Kit is determined to find her.  The officers eventually arrive at the Tremaine estate and the shoe that Kit has neither stepsister can fit it so he begins to leave. However they stop when they hear Ella singing “Lavender Blue’s” through a window that the mice have opened.   Lady Tremaine tries to stop Ella from wearing the shoe on the grounds that she is her mother and Ella responds that she has never been or will ever be her mother. Ella and Kit are reunited and even without the shoes Kit recognizes her. Kit leaves with Ella after forgiving her stepmother who along with her daughters and the grand duke leave the kingdom never to return. At the wedding Kit and Ella are crowned king and queen and become the land’s most beloved monarchs ruling with courage and kindness that Ella promised her mother.



Now for the longest time I never understood Cinderella till the 2015 adaption. Ella was taught by her mother to always have courage and to be kind and throughout the film the audience sees Ella do just that. Lady Tremaine is very hateful toward Ella mostly because of her youthfulness and beauty. Like most fairy tails that involve a young woman and an evil witch or stepmother beauty and youthfulness happens to be the villains main weakness (Snow White) and I believe that has something to do with how we as women feel as we get older. Instead of cherishing the knowledge and wisdom we have gain throughout our years and passing them on, we become envious of younger women especially when our spouses are attracted by these women of youth. The fairy godmother is seen a hope for Ella, this godmother is the reason Ella is able to attend the ball where just one dance changes her entire future. I realize that in the both adaptions of Cinderella that the prince is not just taken away by Ella’s beauty but by her kindness which radiates from every pore of her being.




So now I truly understand Cinderella’s story in every single adaption she has had. Her courage and kindness allows her to strive under the hatefulness and wickedness of Lady Tremaine and her daughters who are know as the ugly or evil stepsisters. It is not because they are ugly physically but it is because their hearts are vile. So in the next part of my series I will be discussing the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan.


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