I’m tired of American Ignorance

the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

I woke up this morning and saw this on my facebook wall,a news article about parents- christian parents upset over their children learning about Islam. It is  apparent that these adults do not know the difference between learning about Islam and its history from learning the religion as a believer. Since 9/11 the fear and willful ignorance in this country about muslims and Islam is absolutely  ridiculous. However what I am really sad for is the children because their oarents would rather let their children be ignorant about other faiths and cultures that are non-Christian. How can you expect people to interact  when they lack just the basic knowledge  of anothers’ faith or culture? We have seen from history what happens when we as mankind let ignorance and fear take control  (slavery,holocaust etc) – its as if people want history to repeat itself.

In 10th grade, I took World History where I learned about the five  major religions of the world which are :Christianity,Judaism,Islam,Buddhismand Hinduism. I learn the history of these religions such as the holy books of each religion (The Bible,Koran),their founders, basic law (Ten Commandants) and other historical information in terms of how these belief systems have inpact mankind whether for good or ill. Since then I have learned more on my own and my group of friends come from all religious backgrounds. I noticed as well in some of the articles I listed below parents are upset at the fact that in some classes they children had to pretend to be muslims, in 10th grade english I had to pretend to be jewish. My class was reading a novel called Night and the class was divided to understand how the jew might have felt during the Holocaust. We had to wear plastic yellow stars during our classtime and we noticed how our behavior changed once one group had on the stars and the others did not. So if pretending to be muslim for a class period is used to help students understand whats it like to be a muslim in America then personally I see it being completely harmless.

There is no reason for anyone in this age of technology to ignorant of other cultures and religions but the willfull ingnorance of Americans is outstanding that it will be the fall of this country. I get it christians, you want your child to be strong in their faith, I understand that but your child will encounter in life people of other faiths so should it not be important for them to learn about other people? Because whether you like it or not religion and lack there of shapes not only our moral upbringing,but our society  as well and if you raise your children to believe that your faith is superior or that your god is the only one then I truly feel sorry for you.  If history has taught us anything it is that when people have this ideal that they are superior than others bad things tend to happen. 


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13 thoughts on “I’m tired of American Ignorance

  1. “If history has taught us anything it is that when people have this ideal that they are superior than others bad things tend to happen.”
    I think history would actually indicate that good things happen when superior ideals win over bad ones. (or we’d still have slavery, and India would still be practicing settee)


    • Whites thought they were superior,the nazis thought they were superior -I was refering to situations like that


      • “-I was refering to situations like that”
        Because you believe some ideologies are more beneficial, right, and good than others? Like, say…Naziism versus non-Naziism? Or should we teach children Nazi ideals too, like it is just another credible belief system, one of many different and all equally valid belief systems?


        • Okay, you are confusing me. The first comment you posted that is what I was talking about. Also my post is about religion,naziism is a belief system yes but not a religion. The point of this post was to give my opinion on the fact that Islam is taught to kids because it deals with history all religions have an impact on humanity. In the case of Naziism,when students get to American History and World War II,that will be discussed because it happen and kids will be given a synopsis on why naziism reach power the way it did and how it affected not only Germany but other countries as well.

          So yes, different religions and idealogy will be discussed in schools and based on their age certain information will be given. Example in grade school kids are taught christoper columbus sail the ocean in 1842 and came to america. Or that white came to america and learned from the natives. Middle school more information will be add then in high school more information will be add then college will be completely in depth and use critical thinking and understanding. Its just like when parents teach their children the birds and bees-when their small its called their wee wee or no no square when they hit puberty its penis and vagina when they’re nuch older its the more in depth on the functions of their reproductive systems, pregnacy and stds.

          So for grade school in terms of religion its just basic information

          Chrisrianity-god,bible,ten commandments
          Islam-allah,koran,five pillars of islam and the same for the other major religions of the world. Its history whether you like it or not its history and children have to learn history.

          Also people in this country know more about Christianity compare to any other religion. They may not not know it in depth but aspects of christianity is more well known than islam,buddhism or any other religion.


          • I don’t think the parents are objecting to the teaching of history. The history of Islam has been taught for a very very long while and I doubt that is going to change. It’s more likely that they object to teaching their children Islam as a practice because they fundamentally disagree with Islamic ideology.
            What you’ve described above supports my suspicion. Imagine a group of Muslim students forced to pretend to be Christians (for any reason, instruction or otherwise…heck, Imagine a group of Muslim students forced to pretend to be Jewish! Even more illustrative) in the public school system. I suspect that would so violate the public’s sensibilities it would make international headline news and Obama would invite the children to the Whitehouse.


          • Its not forced though, i have seen plenty of children taken out of school or sent a note to teachers when want their children to opt out of something. Whether its the dont want them disecting animals,learning about stds or reproduction or world religions. Students are not forced to learn anything.

            Lots of people dont agree with christian ideology yet many christian events,holidays and more are still celebrate worldwide by a majority of the population. In an previous post I wrote about a flashmob during the holiday season where these christian sang and dress as joseph,mary and baby jesus which brought people in the mall to tears and many got down on their knees and prayed.

            Now if muslims or any other religion did that all hell would break loose. What many christian seem to lack is tolerance

            the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.


          • “Now if muslims or any other religion did that all hell would break loose. What many christian seem to lack is tolerance”
            Surely you are kidding.
            Every single country that forbids immigration based on religion is Muslim. Even Israel doesn’t do this. They also execute people for homosexuality, or naming a teddy bear Mohammad.


          • No I’m not kidding, christians see themselves as the default religion and anything is the devil tempting them away from god or just evil. Christianity is the biggest religion in the world with various sects and different versions of the bible. America complains this country was founded on christian values when in reality it never was.

            Many people come to America to flee religious and many other persecutions like the ones who just stated. Yet christians are the ones under attack,Christianity is not under attack in this country it is just not the most powerful anymore. As for Israel they may not do that but you have three religions all claiming that country and that is an issue in its own right.


          • I’d think if you were really so concerned about intolerance and ignorance, you’d be far more concerned about the very very intolerant practices around the world rather than the holiday rush at the mall and whether or not Christian parents want their children subjected to proselytization about Mohammad.


          • I am very concerned about the intolerant practices that occur around the world, from china where they are kidnapping young girls to marry off to older men to sex trafficking and many other atrocities that affect other people. However that does not mean I can not be concerned about the country in which I live and the situations that is going on now such as the police brutality, islamophobia, the prevalent racism, hardcore feminism, religious intolerance, homosexuality and gender identity, cultural appropriation and white privilege and many other issues in terms of our government and laws.

            As for the holidays all that is pagan anyway along with many aspects of society. Lastly no one is trying to convert Christian children to Mohammad


          • “As for the holidays all that is pagan anyway along with many aspects of society.”
            You’re the one who brought up the holiday flashmob, not I. Then you asserted “if muslims or any other religion did that all hell would break loose. What many christian seem to lack is tolerance”.
            Do you realize how many people are injured and/or die every year just doing the trek to the hajj? Hundreds. According to reports, almost a thousand died just last week. You speak of hatind “ignorance” and seem very uninformed. Then you speak of “intolerance” and come across as extremely intolerant (for intolerance of course! But only PC unapproved intolerance). And you speak in sound bites.
            Thanks. It’s been interesting.


          • I know what I commented, but that doesn’t change the fact that christmas and easter are pagan.

            Yes, i do understand many people die, I do read and watch the news.

            I am quite tolerant even though my opinions and thoughts differ from yours.

            Thank you for reading my blog and commenting


  2. Not only are Americans ignorant, they revel in their ignorance!

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