Parent upset over Islam

So I have been seeing a lot of post lately about Islam being taught in schools. Personally all religions will be covered at some point because its a part of history,thats just plain facts. Religion has shaped our world in some many ways from how we think to how we treat people in our society.


So the picture above is a photo of a 7th grader homework assignment. The writing is by the mother who is upset at the fact that her child is learning about another religion. The funny thing is she complains about Christianity not being taught when it actually is


This photo is a screenshot of the chapters in the 7th graders textbook.  Chapter 12 says its about the reformation  of christianity but the religion does not start there, christianity will most likely be discussed in the first chapter along with the fall of rome, the middle ages, the reinassance the scientific  revolution,early Americas all the way to  chapter 17. So for this mother to write this on her childs homework I am guessing must have either not been paying attention to her childs assignments or wants her child to be a close minded individual. No one is forcing these children to become muslims or to start practicing islam,but religion is ingrained into our society and if it wasn’t  then why are so many christians getting upset at the thought of their child or America being introduce to a new religion? Many aspects of America culture is influenced by christian ideals point blank period. I mean more oeople in the USA know more about God and the bible despite many not attending church or actually reading the Bible.  However America is not a christian country, this wonderful melting pot of culture and religion has no national religion or national language. Despite what many christians believe they are actually the majority in this country and all other religions are just trying to let their voices be heard. I mean if christians want a complete christian nation then you might as well close the American borders and outlaw other faiths because with different cultures come different faiths and that is something you must tolerate. You dont have to agree with it but just let people be cause so far the only ones I see mostly getting upset about gay marriage, other religions being taught in school,premartial sex,abortion is christians. Other religions have their stance on these issues as well but they are not as vocal as the christian population.


3 thoughts on “Parent upset over Islam

  1. thisblog is ashame

    You are so misguided in your post it is actually hilarious. You understand that this country was founded with Christianity being by far the predominant religion in this region, at that time? Only since the 70’s have other major religions gained ground. On that basis, why wouldn’t the citizens of this country understand more about Christianity than religions that proliferated in other parts of the world?

    Also what have you read, and what specific knowledge do you have of the Koran? Do you understand the precepts and customs of Islam? Are you aware of the oppressive rules of sharia law, and the ownership a muslim man has over his wife or wives? Do you know Islams stance on homosexuality? Can you enlighten me on a specific case where muslims live in peace amongst other religions and allow the autonomy of other religious beliefs, (pay attention sweetie before you answer)**when islam is the dominant religion of that region?

    I am not christian, i do not follow organized religion, but I do have a daughter. She needsvto know that , just because you have a thought or idea, it doesnt mean it is necessarily coherent or correct. You have to research and back your claims. Stop trying to get by on your looks, research your posts, or shut this waste of internet bandwidth down.

    Tired of whimsical, baseless posts


    • 1. I don’t get by on my looks- its funny that you actually think that

      2. I own one koran & 5 bibles

      3. Yes i understand the concepts of islam, sharia law and more.

      4. I know the difference between religion and culture – to which many confuse the two.

      5. Christianity is in fact the dominant religion in most countries, however America is a melting pot with people coming from various cultures and religions. As a country we have no official language nor religion, is Christianity the most dominant yes it is but does that mean we as American people need to be ignorant of other religions and cultures- no, but we are.

      6. In the post I sm pointing out the fact that this woman,this parent is upset over a history lesson her child has to learn as if chrisrianity is never gonna be taught at all which from the photis, christianity will be touched on a lot more than any other religion due to its impact on the world. Religion can not be separated from history because our religious and morals values affects every aspect of our lives whether you’re an atheist or christian.


  2. thisblog is ashame

    I suggest you read the books, having them wont be enough.


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