Beyonce’s Formation Sparks Controversy

Beyonce has done it again, releasing a single and music video without any announcement  before her performance with Coldplay for Superbowl 50. This song however compared to Beyonce previous  works is causing a stir due to its imagery  and message. The new single is title ‘ Formation’ and throughout the video there are references to the Hurrican Katrina and the aftermath of the devastation, Black Lives Matter Movement,New Orleans Culture,Pro-Blackness and the Black Panthers Party.


My facebook wall is seriously flooding with talks of Beyonce and the performance, however what saddens me the most is the response from african-americans toward Beyonce. Now I’m not saying that they need to brown nose but to give credit to a beautiful song and a very creative video. We talk so much about white supremacy  in America but how can we fight it if we are constantly tearing each other apart every chance we get?


The song begins with some audio of local bounce singer Messy Mya followed by Beyonce singing the first lines which is a call to those rumors of this secret society she is supposedly in

Ya’ll haters corny with that Illuminati mess

Another line in the song points to how Beyonce loves her not only her blackness but her daughter Blue Ivy as well. I love this line because I have seen so many negative comments about Blue Ivy and her hair to which her natural hair is beautiful and I praise Beyonce for not giving in and relaxing her daughters hair.

I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros
I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils


Beyonce as we have seen before with her previous self title album is proud of her sexuality.

When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cuz I slay

She also makes statments about her progress as an artist to which everyone should strive for greatness.

I might get yo song played on the radio station, cuz I slay (x2)
Ya just might be a black Bill Gates in the makin’, cuz I slay

Also Beyonce makes it clear that she is proud of her roots and I discovered that me and Beyonce have something in common,expect I’m an Orleans Bama

My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
Ya mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma

Earned all this money but they neva take the country out me
I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag

Some tweets say she was attacking police officer due to dressing as the Black Panther Party which if one actually does there reasearch is and was never a terrorist group and that in her video she floods a police vehicle.



Lastly Beyonce knows she has reached a point in her stardom where she has become that person that no matter what you do,you are always criticized.

Ya know ya that bitch when ya cuz all this conversation
Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper


I have no issues with Beyonce song nor her superbowl performance,the real issue is with those who don’t  want to see Black people being up the issues at all, they rather throw everything in the closet and pretend it’s  not there but it is and when that closet gets full it will eventually open and everyone will have to clean up the mess. My freinds on facebook say that I am spreading racism because I repost topics about this issues but you can not fix a problem without acknowledging  that you have one in the first place. We all want America to be a land of the free for all races,religion, sexual orientation  etc but we can expect to move forward by constantly trying to silence others or keep our blinders on -it won’t  work. So I love this song by Beyonce and whether she makes more political staments whether publicly or in private is good because at least she is doing something. I mean does everything  need to be blast on social media and if so then one must wonder are you doing it because you are truly down for the cause and its beliefs are you doing it for the recognition and fame.





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