The Path to the Creator

Recently there have been some major changes in my life that has caused me to see things a bit differently. As I read more and watch documentaries  about religion mostly the ones about Christianity, a creator of the universe may not be such a farfetched idea. All religions and myths have certain things in common but what stands out in all religions is a supreme being. Some religions have multiple  gods like Hinduism  while others have one like Christianity.  We all worship  and look for guidance in our life from something greater than ourselves.

Many of my questions of religion started with my questioning of Christianity. Many of the teachings within the church just did not sit right with me especially with watching the behavior of its members  acting in ways that would make Satan smile with glee. So as I delved more into my studies and readings of the bible along with reading posts by Biblical Gender Roles  , The Peaceful Wife ,  & Wintery Knight and videos such Hidden Identity of Blacks – many things began to make sense.

So I will begin my journey to the creator which will be a very long road but I am already 25% there since I have followed so far most of the rules that was laid down in the covenant. Hopefully all my questions will receive answers and when I eventually pass away from this world, I would rather be safe than sorry.



6 thoughts on “The Path to the Creator

  1. There are so many secrets within religion especially Christianity lol. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

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  2. Have you read Mere Christianity by CS Lewis? =)

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