Cosplay to Work

So just reading this interesting story about a young woman name June who is filing harassement against her boss.
Full Story Here

Basicalky June said the contract of her job states no dress code, just clean and pressed. With that information a person can basically wear whatever, so June wore this to work


its clear she is dressed in a business, and professional way. Howevet the boss had a issue with the attire and began implenting a dress code specifically targeting this woman. The scarf is a no, a ponytail is a no. When has a ponytail even been seen as unprofessional?  i work at Starbucks and I have to wear those hats and so i have to brush my hair down and make to have some gel on my edges cause I don’t relax my hair, its in his natural state and getting it into a ponytail is very hardwork. So the women responds to the all of a sudden new dress code  with flair

The thing I noticed when african-americans are in work places such as these, our hair especially in its natural kinky state is automatically seen as wild and unprofesdional. I’m so if we dont show up to work looming like Stacy Dash or Beky with the good hair. If our hair is neat,clean and brush then thats all that should matter. I should have to sumbit to a European standard of hair to be able to work in a business setting but sadly when even applying for jobs the first thing I notice is when people especially white I ask about job openings do is look at my hair and automatically make a judgment based off that; it gets annoying at time and so basically I do even get called for an interviewer mean while a black female can walking in with weave fulling down her back that she got from somewhere in Asia or Brazil is seen as professional. It is dicrimination plain and simple. Sadly from the comments many see June as rebellious and just doesn’t want to apply to the dress code when in the story it specifically states ‘there was no dress code’ and even provides a picture what she always wore to work but still June is seen as the troublemaker for basically not conforming or better yet assimilating to their European ideals; the comments are usually always made by Caucasians which sadly is not suprising. 

 So I wish the best to June and hopes her boss learns a lesson in discrimination.


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