Gotham Season 3 Premiere 

This past Monday was the season 3 premiere of Gotham. The theme of the season is called the Mad City and given the events of the season finale of season 2 it is understand why.
So to kick off, Gotham is hunting down the monsters that have eacaped from Indian Hill. Gordon who is no longer a cop is one of the bounty hunters. However friend and former parnter Harvey wants his friend back at the GCPD.  Lucious Fox lends his assistance to Harvey as they track down this monsters who have been attacking various pharmacies since their escape.

Vickie Vale (Credit: FOX)

Meanwhile, Bruce decides he needs to flush out the secret organization out. So he calls a meeting and tells them of his plan. Which then prompts the mystery owl masking wearing woman to go after Bruce Wayne.  Bruce meets up with Selina and tries to apologize for leaving to which she, in that Selina way says she’s understand  and leaves. 

Masked Man Coming for Bruce (Credit: Fox)

Oswald has been visiting his friend Edward Ngyma in prison because he need someonento talk too.  He even brings Ed a gift, a puzzle box which he figures out in mere seconds but appreciates the thought. Oswald then tells his friend about Fish Mooney to which Edward reminds him that peguins eat fish. 
Last, Fish Mooney along with Selina and others from Indian Hill have been searching various pharmacies for immune drugs. It is revealed when they find Mrs. Peabody that the more they use their unique gifts, the more new cells the body creates and is slowly killing them. Peabody tells them that the only one who can help them is Hugo Strange. However, the owls have Dr. Strange in hiding and even she has no idea where he is. Mrs. Peabody is killed by having her life force drained by one of the creatures.  Ivy who had been following Selina is caught by one of the creatures; she threatens to tell the police. A chase ensues resulting in Ivy falling down a sewage drain presumable dead. 

(Left to Right) Marv, Fish Mooney and Man-Bat (Credit:Fox)

The first episode has set the tone for the rest of the season. As the Mad City season unfolds we will see new characters as the old one develop more into their personas and who is this mystery Court of Owls that is secretly running Wayne Enterprises and does Bruce’s parents have any connection to them.


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