About Me

My goal with this blog is to share my quest for knowledge along with my opinion on such topics as religion,society,feminism etc as well as my hobbies and interest which include gaming,cosplay,anime and much more. I love writing for it gives me an outlet to express myself especially when its hard for me to find the words to speak. I realized that i had a flare for writing especially creative writing in middle school.

Since then I have nourished my writing as well as other talents that i possess. Hopefully those who read my blog will give my writings a chance whether you like nerd culture or you just don’t agree with me on a hot topic, I will be just happy that you gave this blog a try.



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey there. Is this childofra from B&E?


  2. Hello Child of Ra. Good luck on your quest for more knowledge. I’m interested in hearing the non PC thoughts on everything.


  3. I always have an open door for whom ever wants to speak or listen you are always welcome to come and see me as I hope to do you. Have a very wide range of interests for art poems, hot issues to yes even gaming. So come visit let’s enjoy

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