Busy Beaver

Hello all,
Due to the approaching holiday season I have been pretty busy at my current place of employment ( they really love pumpkin spice). So due to my crazy schedule I have been following behind on both my blog and youtube 😢; however I am in the process of playing catchup and I have recently joined a site called Raging Nerds. So below I have a list of tv shows that I am/will currently review and as for movies there are several which I plan on viewing in the following months. 

My channel:
– Once Upon A Time

–  Gotham



-Ice Fantasy

– The Big Bang Theory

Raging Nerds:

-Scream Queens



-Uta No Prince Soma

-Teen Wolf


My Top 5 Favorite Anime

I have been watching Japanese animation since I was a little girl. Now that I’m older I’ve been introduced to many genres of japanese animation and complied my favorites into a top five list.

5. Fruits Basket


Fruits Basket is the story of a young girl named Tohru Honda who befriends Yuki and Kyo Souhma. She learns of the Souhma family curse which makes for some very comedic scenes and some that are very heart warming as well. This is the only anime that I have watched so far that brings me to tears. Tohru is truly a genuine, caring young woman that through her kindness warms the hearts of those who have been cursed by the chinese zodiac.

4. Death Note


Death Note was anime I didn’t watch till my second year of college yet from the first episode I was hooked. Light Yagami is a high school student who stumbles upon a death note; a supernatural notebook that grants its user(shinigami) the ability to kill anyone whose name and face they know. Now I really don’t like crime type dramas but this one truly caught my interest with its amazing storyline and character development especially with its main character Light Yagami. He starts off with good intentions wanting to cleanse the world of evil but as the series progresses his moniker kira becomes more than just a name.

3. Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)


Ciel Phantomhive is not your normal eleven year old earl. He is the head of the fantom Company and the only living survior of a terrible fire that killed his parents. However in the mist of the tragedy this young earl appears with a new butler named Sebastian Michealis who seems just too good to be true. Black has some of my favorite elements that I love in an anime,it has action, comedy and nice amount of fan service that you may not want to watch with your parents *coughs* episode 17 *coughs*. Black butler is very popular that it has two musicals and one live action film which are pretty good.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


Ah, the anime that started it all for me. Sailor Moon is the story of a young girl named Usagi (Serena in english dub) who fights out that she is the champion of justice, the sailor senshi sailor moon. As Usagi battles the evils of the negaversus she enlists the help of her fellow guardians only to discovers that the princess that have been searching for was right under their noses the whole time. Sailor Moon is one the most popular anime in America and seen so much success. I have watch the anime, the sailor moon films even the live action tv show and the musical. Sailor Moon is officially 20 years old and is currently airing the new series Sailor moon Crystal which the storyline will follow more of the manga.

1. Fairy Tail


I had just recently sat down and began watching this anime and I truly love every minute. Fairy Tail is a wizard guild in Fiore with some very interesting wizards. There are various arcs throughout the series as well as some episodes that are just there to relieve some of the tension. Some of the guilds strongest wizards are Natsu, Gray, Erza,Gajeel, Laxus, and Wendy. However,  in anime there are some characters I do not like for instance Lucy Heartfilia. She to me is not that really helpful as a wizard in general even though she does have her moments. Overall her character to me seems more like eye candy and her personality though she is kind hearted is very superficial in which she is worried about her looks and on many ocassions either Gray, Natsu or Erza has to save her.
There you have it my top five animes. I have so many more that I have yet not seen and some I probably don’t even know about. In the comments below tell me your top five animes and why.