My Experience : Social Media


I remember in 8th grade being introduced to social media for the first time,it was during a play rehearsal for Bye Bye Birdie. I was part of the chorus and I was also had the part of the sad girl – i had an awesome dance number. Anyway I remember the high school students talking about Myspace ,now at 13 years old I had no clue what that was but I sure did when I entered high school for the first time.

In high school me and my family had moved to Georgia thanks to Hurricane Katrina and basically I was a fish outta water. My first year of high school I would have to make friends and get used to a whole new environment. My first few days were okay except for people asking me if I did voodoo and wanting to hear my accent. I remember the movie Mean Girls and how the cafeteria was divided based on different cliques boy was I surprised to find that when I entered the cafeteria for the first time. I had no clue on where to sit:

• cholo’s
•smart asians
•ghetto asians
•nerdy whites
•goth whites
• wanna be black thugs

and much more. So I found myself a table-well the edge of a table and ate alone. Later during english I met and made my first friend. She was of Vietnamese descent and she loved anime. We talked and since I didn’t have a phone she gave me her myspace. Now I still had no clue what that was so when i got home I looked it up.I created myself an account and eventually added all the friends I made. Now in my junior year Myspace was waning in popularity while Facebook was on the rise so I made an account. Eventually I deleted Myspace account because no one was using it anymore. I added my friends and family on there so we could keep in touch.

Now that I’m 23 there are a bunch of social media that people are connecting with one another and frankly I can not keep up. Its like everytime I turn on the tv a new social app has popped up and everyone is one it. I’m a blogger and youtube and I only use social media that I feel benefits me by helping me prompt myself,but of course there are some apps I use to keep in touch with my friends. Social media has many pros to its usage but also some cons.

In this age of technology,we as people rarely speak to each other. Majority of when I see people they are either texting,tweeting,taking selfies,making vines or whatever;we don’t communicate like we used too. Not only that but my generation and the one behind us is so use to emojos and text lingo that it has literally found its way into our daily conversations, I find myself sometimes going “omg or wtf”. In high school we had to peer grade ourpapers for english and I kid you not but this young man wrote his entire paper using text lingo and I was just like you’ve got to be kidding me?

I will still use social media but I will work on using it less to communicate with other people cause I feel its making me anti-social and that is not good especially if I hope to be married someday ttly ^_^.



Just Tired


Have you ever woke up one day looked at your life and wonder why the hell am I even here? Well I have several times especially in these past few months. My life seems to going straight down and nothing I do seems to pull me out of this hole. I’m a 23 year going to school for nursing and I stay with my mother. I have been out looking for jobs filling out applications both online and in-store,talked to mangers but still not hired.

Why is it when I do the things I am suppose to do things seem harder?  I’m in school,have good morals and values,never engaged in any pre-martial sexually activity. I don’t drink,smoke,respect my elders etcetera, ecterera. So why is life kicking me in my ass? Is this suppose to be some sort of test? Or is the creator of mankind doing this for laughs because  its not funny. I wake up everyday trying to figure out what is it that I’m doing wrong and honestly sometimes I think about just ending it all but I never act upon those thoughts for two reasons, i’m not a fan of pain and I know there are people out there in the world that will miss me.

While writing this i can feel the tears trailing down my face. Sometimes I feel so lost that I truly do know what to do. I see my friends most have gradurated from a four year college,some are married and starting families and some are independent  and own their own. As i see them i then think maybe I’m missing something that I crave,it could be relationship at 23 i never had a boyfriend my main focus has been to finish school because i dont want to be another statistic of a single black mother. Another thing it could be is the love of a father, i have a dad but he really wasnt there growing up . Maybe it could be depression,i was bullied a lot from elementary  to high school because i didnt fit the stereotype of how a young black female should act or defending those who were picked on which didn’t  make me awesome in the eyes of the popular kids.

I just don’t know sometimes but I know many probably won’t read this but it was sonething I needed to get off my chest.

This is Samhain


October is here and Halloween is drawing near. Personally I have always loved this holiday because of one reason- it was the day I got candy for free. Now that I’m older trick or treating seems childish even though two years ago i went trick or treating with my best friend. Also now that I am older my knowledge of the history of this day filled with candy and spooky fun has me seeing this day in a whole new light.

Halloween is which is better known as Samhain is an ancient pagan holiday celebrated by the celtics. It is a day where the veil between the living and dead is thin making communication easy (or in case of horror films demonic possession ) . Now the original purpose of All hallows eve has gotten lost over time and now its a day for free candy.

I stop trick or treating when I was a kid and now when this holiday comes along and sit down and watch movies. It gets pretty boring doing the same thing every year but its the only time I can sit down and enjoy a good horror or thriller.  Anyway this halloween I’m gonna do something different something I’ve always to do and that is go to a halloween party. I get event to one every year but I’ve been too busy to go but not this year. 

So to keep this short, I hope everyone has an wickledy awesome Halloween ,stay safe & don’t let the spirits that roam the night get you down.

How to tell truth from lies

Lately my brain seems to be filled with so many questions that I don’t know will ever be answered. I tried to find answers where ever I can – books or the internet. However, lately I noticed that the internet is buzzing like a hive of bees on conspiracy theories. Now when I was young conspiracy theories were something crazy people came up to explain what was going on in the world.

Today conspiracy theories are more talk about on the internet and just regular conversation. One of the most popular theories is about the Illuminati; a secret society whose plan is to enslave most of the world for their master Satan, the adversary of God. Many think well this is crazy talk and yet many truly believe but for me all the facts that I have seen all show what the conspiracy theorist call “puppets”.  Now puppets are the celebs we watch on tv, films, the artist we listen too and more.  If I was a conspiracy theorists I wouldn’t be so concerned about the artist like Beyonce & Katy Perry but the ones who own the record labels, the banks, these companies which we purchase the food that we eat and more; focus on the puppet masters & not the puppets.

There is also the question on how we as mankind was created and our universe.  Now there are two explanations, one is scientific while the other is biblical. However they both contradict each other. The bible states that God create the universe and  the earth in seven days then created the first man named Adam and from his rib the first woman Eve who were living in the Garden of Eden till cast out for eating a fruit. Now science states the universe was created thanks to the Big Bang and mankind’s beginnings started in Africa and we slowly migrated to other parts of the world and due to differences in the environment developed the varies skin tones.  Now which is true and which is false – one can be back up by facts ( well mostly) while the other the only proof is a book that has been translated so many times over the years with certain parts taken out at the will of the publisher. So we can never truly know the truth of our existence only we can speculate. 

At the end of the day, there will still be countless questions that may or may not have answers. Mankind most likely will never know the answers to the questions we have whether its about god, why we exist, are they other lifeforms in distance universes. We can truly never know but it doesn’t mean we should stop questioning nor stop being curious.

The Quest for Knowledge

Ever since I was a little girl,I was always curious about things of a supernatural nature. I guess my interests began with watching shows such as Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Xena the Warrior Princess. These had strong female characters and always they dealt with situations that seemed to have a supernatural element whether it be Ares the God of War, vampires, saving mermaids or just saving the world from evil in general; I thought to myself are these creatures real?

Now that I’m older I know they aren’t any vampires,fairies or even aliens (that we know of) in this world but why do we as mankind believe in them or the better question would be is how did these myths and legends begin and how have they changed over the centuries? these are some of the questions I hope to answer on my journey of learning about the various myths and legends of the world along with the mysterious occults and secret societies that seem to have the internet buzzing.

However, I doubt my curiosity for knowledge can ever be truly sated for there is more to discover every day and the universe itself is vast and maybe who knows, one day planet Earth may be visited by aliens or angels or demons or discover a way to travel through space to distance worlds where no man has gone before.

Afterall we can only dream