Top 10 Jokers

The clown prince of crime has been entertain fans for years and with latest joker portrayed by Jared Leto, I decided to create a list of my favorite portrayals of the Joker. Check out the video below and comment on who is your favorite Joker and why. 


Underworld: Blood Wars Review

The latest installment in the Underworld franchise hit theaters today and like the rest of the series I enjoyed it. I believe the reaaon that Underworld has lasted this long in terms of popularity is because since Twilight gave many a bad taste in vampires this series still haa both vamps and weres as badass creatures of the night.
The film begins with a recap of the previous films while Selene (Kate Beckingsale) is one the run from both Lycans and vampires.  The vampires are after Selene because of the murder of Victor and the elders. It is in Prague that her progeny David informs her that the new lycan leader Marius wants Selene so she can lead them to her daughter Eve, who was born a pureblood hybrid. 

The two escape to a secluded area, and Selene explains to David how she and Eve parted ways while treating his bullet wound. Meanwhile, David’s father Thomas manages to convince Semira, an Eastern Coven elder, to grant Selene amnesty in exchange for her training their young and inexperienced Death Dealers. Selene accepts the offer, and she and David travel to the coven’s castle stronghold. Selene is then ask to train the death dealers in order to prepare for the lycans attack. However, Semira’s lover Varga cuts Selene’s with a concealed nightshade-coated knife that causes her to lose consciousness, before he proceeds to murder the other trainees. Semira takes Selene to her quarters where she starts draining her blood with a machine, explaining that she was Selene’s predecessor as Viktor’s regent. She plans on using Selenes blood to gain power and overthrow the council. David and father Thomas interrupts having caught onto her plan. Semira engages Thomas in a fight and is slain while David escapes with Selene revealing to Semira that they are immune to the effects of daylight. 

David and Selene seek refuge with the Nordic coven per Thomas request. When they arrive the are greeted by Lena, the covens’ strongest warrior. She leds them to her father Vidar.  Vidar then informs David that his mother is the deceased vampire elder Amelia making him the rightful leader of the Eastern Coven. Vidar then gives him a silver sword that belonged to his father Thomas; even so David refuses to believe it. When David leaves, needing time to think things through, Vidar gives Selene a vial of his mother’s blood to give to him; the blood contains memories of the capture of the first Werewolf, William Corvinus and Amelia fighting alongside fellow Elders, Viktor and Marcus, proving to David that Vidar is telling the truth.

The lycans the attack the Nordic coven thanks to Alexia, a vampire turned traitor and also Marius lover. David and Lena help the rest of the coven fend off the Lycans. Outside the fortress Selene engages in single combat with Marius on an iced-over lake. Marius demands to know where Eve is, promising that he will not hurt her and that he only needs some of her blood; Selene refuses to give him an answer. Marius changes form, revealing himself as a Lycan-Corvinus Strain Hybrid. He beats her into submission, and Alexia licks the blood off Selene’s sword, the blood memories indicating that Selene is telling the truth about not knowing Eve’s location. In a fit of anger Marius shoots Selene and she falls through the ice before he leads his troops in retreat.

Upon Alexia’s return to the Eastern Coven’s castle, she confesses to Semira that she is Marius’ lover; Semira reveals that she has always known of Alexia’s treachery and was using her for her own purposes before killing the younger vampire. David returns to the Eastern Coven, believing that it should be led, if not by one of the original Elders, then by someone of one of their bloodlines. Upon his arrival David informs the Elite Council of his parentage, presenting himself as the rightful heir to the coven. Semira has no intention of losing her power and status to David and demands that he be arrested, only to find herself being arrested by none other than Varga. She is subsequently imprisoned in the compound’s dungeons. 

While imprisoned the coven is attack and the vampires fend of the lycans till they begin using grebades to blow holes into the walls revealing sunlight killing off many vampires. David continues to fight till he is face to face with Marius and Selene reappears. The Nordic coven had revived her and in doing so she developed new abilities. As she makes her way through the castle Semira escapes and engages David in battle while Marius fights Selene. During their fight blood from Marius lands in Selenes mouth and she is flood by blood memories revealing that Marius and caught Micheal her lover and drained him of his blood and consumed it.

 Biting her own wrist she allows her memories of Micheal and daughter Eve to fuel her rage. Marius then transforms but Selene rips out his spine killing him. David kills Semira by stabbing her through the back of the head while distracted by the fact she was now immune to sunlight. Davids shows the lycans the head of theif leader and they retreat. In the aftermath Selene, David and Lena are chosen as the new elders. Selene narration begins as she comments on having gone from being an outcast to one of their chosen leaders and how they may have reached a time of peace and a chance for what is left of the Nordic Coven and Eastern Coven to heal and regain their strength. Then, briefly, it’s shown that while at the Nordic Coven after being resurrected, she was reunited with Eve.

I truly enjoyed the lastest in the Underworld series, some aspects of the film could have been better such as the cgi and certain aspects of the plot; most which can be answered by watching the previous films. However the ending leaves a question, with only two vampire coven left, will the lycans finally can victor in destroying the vampires for good? after all this whole war started because vampires enslaved lycans. So with the lycans finally achieve their goal or will Eve usher in a new era for both vampires and lycans. 

Suicide Squad: Film Review

Last night, me and a group of friends went to see Suicide Squad. I personally never read any reviews about a movie before I go to see it, I prefer to make my own judgments on a film rather than have someone make it for me. I enjoyed the film from begining to end and with the ending, I am looking forward to more Jared Leto.
So the film begins with basically an introduction to Deadshot played by Will Smith and Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. We are then shown Amanda Waller potrayed by the lovely Viola Davis. She is in a meeting explained her reason on why she is created this team of villians. Basically, planet Earth discovered it was not alone when Superman arrived on this planet and with his death, the world was seeing more and more metahumans (so far none on Superman’s level) but that is the fear, what if there was a metahuman with the powers like the man of steel but he wasn’t nice? So Amanda decides to fight fire with fire, she picks thw best from Belle Reve, a prison located in Louisiana. 

Her picks are Deadshot, Harley Quinn,El Diablo,Killer Croc,Captain Boomarang, Slipknot and Enchantress.  This team of villians will be under the command of Colonel Rick Flag. Now each character has a history or weakness and Amanda uses that to keep the team in line. For Rick he fell in love with Dr. June Moone, an archaeologist who is possessed by a witch-goddess known as “Enchantress” after touching a cursed idol.  Amanda gives a nice demonstration to the USA generals and powerful milatary men, once seeing how useful this Task Force X team can be, Amanda is given the green light. She and Flag head to Belle Rev and basically in their own way convince each one to join. 

However a problem arises from Enchantress. Enchantress is over 6,000 years old and used to be worship as a god but its clear that she is not fond of being in the role of serving someone else, which we can see everytime she glances at Waller. One night Enchantress leaves the room using telelaportation to retrieve her heart, which whoever has her heart basically controls her. Amanda keeps the heart on person at all times in a locked case. Enchantress can not retrieve her heart but releases her brother known as Incubus  who Amanda also had.  She then sets a plan in motion for her and her brother to rule once again.

When Incubus cause mayhem on a subway, June and Flag are sent in to diffuse the situation in which Enchantress bails. Amanda then stabs the heart leading Enchantress to plead with her brother to save her; her brother shares his power with his sister saving her. Amanda realizing the situation assembles Task Force X.  Once assemble each team member is given an injection where a small bomb is placed inside their necks for if they tried to escape. Ahead of their departure, they are joined by Katana, who wields a mystic sword and acts as Flag’s bodyguard. The Joker wanting his Harley back finds out about her predicament and tortures Griggs, one of Waller’s men into leading him to the facility where the nano bombs are made. He blackmails one of the scientists involved in the program into disabling Harley’s bomb. Sensing the squad’s approach, Enchantress destroys their helicopter, forcing them to proceed on foot to their target. On the way, Boomerang convinces Slipknot that the bombs are a ruse meant to keep them under control. Slipknot attempts to escape and is killed, while the team is attacked by Enchantress’s minions. The team manages to escape to their final destination at an underground bunker, where they learn that their mark is Waller herself, who is attempting to cover up her involvement.

The squad escorts Waller to the rooftop for extraction, but the arriving helicopter has been hijacked by the Joker and his men, who open fire on the squad while Harley climbs aboard. However, the helicopter is shot down by Waller’s men, and Harley jumps out while the Joker seemingly perishes in the explosion, after which Harley rejoins the squad. Alerted to Wallers whereabouts, Enchatress captures her.   With Waller compromised, Flag relieves the squad of the mission, but chooses to continue. Realizing they have an opportunity to prove themselves, they soon rejoin him and locate Enchantress and Waller at a partially flooded subway station.  Lt. Edwards along with Killer Croc goes underwater to plant a bomb underneath Incubus while the others fight the Enchantress and her forces. El Diablo embraces his abilities and manages to hold Incubus down as the bomb goes off underneath, killing them both.
The squad members battle Enchantress together, but are ultimately defeated. Enchantress offers to fulfill their deepest desires in exchange for their allegiance, and Harley feigns interest in order to get close enough to cut out Enchantress’s heart. Just after, Killer Croc throws explosives into the portal as Deadshot shoots them, closing the portal. Flag takes Enchantress’s heart and crushes it, killing Enchantress and freeing June. The squad members are then returned to Belle Reve, but with ten years alleviated from their sentences and special privileges ( Deadshot gets to see his daughter, Harley and expresso machine and killer croc BET). Shortley after, a group of men arrive one of them revealed to be the Joker rescues Harley and in a post credits scene Amanda is seen talking with Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) where she hands him a file which he flips through showing us the Flash and Aquaman. She tells Bruce to stop working nights hinting she knows that he’s Batman and Bruce warns her to stop what she is doing and leave it to them. 

Overall, the film pacing was great and the plot was pretty straight forward. Enchantress in her day was treated like a God, someone who was worshipped yet she was inna new time and mankind no longer worshiped gods but technology. So she decided she was gonna rule again and force mankind into servitude. The thing I thought was most interesting however was the treatment of the Task Force. They were treated as villians which they essential where but with each backstory, it made the audience see that they are human just like you and me. Deadshot has a young girl who according to him, is not being raised by her mother who likes to be out all hours of the night but the mom doesn’t want Deadshot raising their daughter because he kills people for a living.  Diablo was a gangster born with pyrokinetic powers. One night during an agruement with his girl ends up burning the house down killing his lady and his two children. Harley was a psychiatrist who fell in love with the Joker and he drives her crazy and she falls into a vet of chemicals. Amanda Waller on the other hand, one could see as a villian in terms of her job in the governement in the name of protecting does a lot of really bad things, but she’s the good guy. So the movie does pretty good at addressing those morality questions.
There are some cameos in the film from the Joker, Batman and the Flash. The Joker was essentially in the film to basically set up Harleys story but  hopefully we will see more of Jared Leto as the Joker in a future Batman film. Each depriction of the characters was done very well, Will Smith as Deadshot was brilliant and he was very humorous at times. Jared Leto as the Joker was good for what this version of the clown prince. The Joker was a gangster and so that is how he was portrayed, granted the idealized romance of Harley and Joker that is seen in film is not canon but I did like how it showed that somewhere in the Jokers’ madness he carea for Harley cause he could have just left her innthose chemicals but he didn’t. Now when they where chased by the bat and crashed- he did leave her which did showed how much he did care about Harley. However this film wasn’t about Harley and Joker so the amount that we were shown the Joker was good enough. Plus I did love how we did see Margot in the classic jester suit as Harley during a flashback. 

The where some parts that was like really, for example the bar scene where it is clearly raining outside yet Rick Flag walks in completely dry but the letters he fives to Deadshot clearly are wet. Overall the movie did not deserve the rating it got. If you want to see Suicide Squad then got and see it. Do not let other peoples opinions dictact whether a movie is good or bad cause at the end of the day- that is THEIR opinion not yours, go and form your own. 

Batman v Superman: Review

**************SPOILER ALERT!***************

This past Sunday which was my 25th birthday, I went to see Batman v Superman. The film was amazing and from beginning to end the story enveloped me and I can not wait to see the other films such as Aquaman, WonderWoman, The Flash and more all leading to the Justice League. Now this review is a recap of the film so stop reading now if you have not seen the film yet. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The film begins with a flashback of a young Bruce Wayne attending his parents funeral which then goes in and out to another flashback of the night his parents died. Bruce runs away from the funeral procession and ends up falling into a hole where he finds himself in a cave full of bats. Fast forward years later, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) is driving through Metropolis during the battle of General Zod and Superman (Henry Cavill).  Due to the strength and might of both Kryptonians the city suffers some major damage. Eighteen months after the incident, Superman has become a symbol of hope to some but for a majority of the world, the Man of Steel is a threat. Meanwhile in Gotham City, a vigilante known as Batman has been catching criminals and branding them leaving some of the city afraid. Clark Kent (superman’s secret identity) hears the story of Batman on the news and see the dark knight as a threat and decides to stop him via the Daily Planet by writing articles.

Bruce learns that a weapons trafficker named Anatoli Knyazev has been contacting LexCorps’s mogul Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). Meanwhile, Luthor tries to convince Senator June Finch to allow him to import kryptonite retrieved from the Indian Ocean, claiming to use it as a “deterrent” against Kryptonians. He also makes side dealings with Finch’s subordinate and demands access to Zod’s body and the Kryptonian scout ship. In the next meeting with Luthor, Finch denies his request. Later Bruce attends a party at LexCorp, there he meets Clark Kent where they each shared their disdain for Superman/Batman. Bruce with the help of Alfred (Jeremy Irons), they hacked into Lex’s computer and download some files,however the device is taken by Diane Prince (Gal Gidot).  Diane later returns the device to Bruce due to the fact she can not decrypt the data.

bruce and diana

While decrypting the data, Bruce ends up having a vision where he leads a team against Superman in a post-apocalyptic world. He then sees a man from the future telling him of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) crucial world in the future and to find the others. He awakens and the data is finally decrypted, upon opening the files he discovers Lex is not only experimenting with kyrptonite but also searching for metahumans and he currently has four files on four different individuals; one of them is Diana. It is revealed that she is a 5,000 year old warrior, the other three show videos of Victor Stone, The Flash and Aquaman.

Wayne admits to Alfred that he plans to steal the Kryptonite to weaponize it, should it become necessary to fight Superman. Batman pursues the convoy carrying the kryptonite from the White Portuguese ship to LexCorp, but Superman intercedes and orders him to cease his activities. Superman is called to a congressional hearing, however the hearing goes array when a bomb sets off, killing everyone. The bomb was planted by Lex Luthor who placed it inside a wheelchair which he gave to Finch, a survivor from the battle two years ago. Frustrated with failing to save people, Superman goes into exile. Bruce prepares to fight Superman by breaking into LexCorp and stealing the kryptonite, he then builds a powerful exoskeleton and creating a kryptonite-powered riot gun and a kryptonite-tipped spear. Meanwhile, Luthor enters the Kryptonian ship and learns of its functions, as well as recorded alien worlds.

lex luthor

Luthor kidnaps and holds hostage Martha Kent, Clark’s adoptive mother. He reveals that he has been sending messages to Batman and Superman to heighten their animosity towards each other. Luthor forces Superman to fight and kill Batman, in exchange for Martha’s life. Superman tries to reason with Batman, but Batman initiates the fight and eventually gains the upper hand. Before Batman can kill Superman with the spear, Superman urges Batman to “save Martha”, whose name is also shared with Wayne’s late mother. Lois arrives and explains the situation, upon learning Lex’s plan Batman leaves to rescue Martha and Superman goes to confront Lex. When Superman arrives to the ship, he discovers that Lex has created an abomination by combining his DNA with that of General Zods; Lex names the creature ‘Doomsday’.


dawn of justice

Superman engages the creature in battle, Batman and Diane soon come and join the fight but discover that the creature absorbs energy. Superman realizes that the creature is weak to kryptonite takes the spear and stabs the creature, however the creature stabs Superman as well leaving both dead. Luthor is arrested and imprisoned. Facing Batman in prison, he gloats that Superman’s death has made the world vulnerable to powerful alien threats. A memorial is held for Superman in Metropolis. Clark is also declared dead and Wayne, Lane, Martha, and Diana attend a private funeral for him in Smallville. Martha passes an envelope to Lane, which contains an engagement ring from Clark. After the funeral, Wayne reveals to Diana that he plans to form a team of metahumans, starting from the ones from Luthor’s files, to protect the world in Superman’s absence. After they leave, a faint heartbeat echoes from Clark’s coffin and the dirt around it begins to levitate.

superman dies

Batman vs Superman:Dawn of Justice was so exciting, each actor to me portrayed each character very well. Ben Affleck did a great job in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, he brought some new and different to the character and it didn’t seem a rehash of the same thing. Gal Gidot only appeared as Wonder Woman during the final battle however, she  did excellent and has me very excited for the Wonder Woman movie. What I also loved about the movie was we got to see clips of the other metahumans as well and I am looking forward to their films too. Jesse Eisenberg played a terrific Lex Luthor, he was very convincing as Lex. He was cunning, manipulative with a touch of crazy. Last Henry Cavill was amazing as Superman, I felt the emotions of Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent  as he was judged by society which weaken him emotional and destroyed his moral.  Overall Dawn of Justice was such a good film and was amazing in 3D and I give it 5 stars.

Disney: I understand now pt. II

Cinderella  would have to be one the most popular fairytales of all time. I have seen many adaptions of these one fairytale, the most popular ones being disney.  As a little girl I hated the original three disney princesses which are Snow White,Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty. They were weak to me, they were the damsels in distress who needed a man to rescue them or get them out of a situation.  It wasn’t till I saw the 2015 adaption of Cinderella for my birthday that I finally understood Cinderella.


Cinderella starts off as this young girl bright and beautiful with a beautiful and happy family. One day her mother becomes ill and eventually dies leaving the father to find a mother figure for his daughter. So he remarries a woman named Lady Tremaine who brings her two daughters and her cat named Lucifer into the marriage. At first Lady Tremaine seems kind to Ella until her true colors are revealed when Ella’s father passes away. Tremaine treats Ella as a servant girl in her own home and the stepsiters begin calling Ella ‘Cinderella’ due to the fact she normally sleeps by the fire and the cinders or ash usually is left on her fair face.



As Cinderella tries to keep a positive outlook, the royal palace decides to throw a ball for all eligible young maidens to attend so the prince can choose a bride and marry. Lady Tremaine and her daughters head to the ball and prevent Cinderella from going by ripping up her dress which her friends (birds,mice etc) help create. Distraught Ella runs off crying and thus appears her fairy godmother who gives Ella the chance to go to the ball, however the magic she placed upon Ella will only last till midnight (magic always comes with a price )







Cinderella arrives to the ball and everyone is mesmerized by her including the prince whom see had met before (in the 2015 adaption). He takes her hand and they have a beautiful dance meanwhile Lady Tremaine is highly upset because she was hoping that Prince Kit (in the 2015 adaption he is known as Kit but in the original he is just known as Prince Charming) who fancy one of her daughters. When Kit and Ella finish dancing they go out in the garden to a swing and just talking and get to know each other a little more. Soon the clock strikes midnight and Ella quickly flees the castle leaving behind only one shoe. When Ella gets homes she revels in her brief moment of freedom which is soon interrupted when Tremaine returns home from the ball. The prince who wants to marry the beautiful young woman from last night finds her slipper is encourage by his father who with his finally breath gives his son permission to marry. Kit then becomes king and decrees that every maiden in the kingdom try on the slipper.  Ella upon hearing the news heads to her room to fetch the other slipper when Lady Tremaine realizes that Ella is the mysterious lady from the night before, destroys the shoe and locks Ella in the attic.


The Grand Duke arrives and Lady Tremaine convinces the duke to reward her with the title countess and advantageous marriages for her daughters. The duke takes the shattered glass to Kit hoping her will forget the mystery girl but Kit is determined to find her.  The officers eventually arrive at the Tremaine estate and the shoe that Kit has neither stepsister can fit it so he begins to leave. However they stop when they hear Ella singing “Lavender Blue’s” through a window that the mice have opened.   Lady Tremaine tries to stop Ella from wearing the shoe on the grounds that she is her mother and Ella responds that she has never been or will ever be her mother. Ella and Kit are reunited and even without the shoes Kit recognizes her. Kit leaves with Ella after forgiving her stepmother who along with her daughters and the grand duke leave the kingdom never to return. At the wedding Kit and Ella are crowned king and queen and become the land’s most beloved monarchs ruling with courage and kindness that Ella promised her mother.



Now for the longest time I never understood Cinderella till the 2015 adaption. Ella was taught by her mother to always have courage and to be kind and throughout the film the audience sees Ella do just that. Lady Tremaine is very hateful toward Ella mostly because of her youthfulness and beauty. Like most fairy tails that involve a young woman and an evil witch or stepmother beauty and youthfulness happens to be the villains main weakness (Snow White) and I believe that has something to do with how we as women feel as we get older. Instead of cherishing the knowledge and wisdom we have gain throughout our years and passing them on, we become envious of younger women especially when our spouses are attracted by these women of youth. The fairy godmother is seen a hope for Ella, this godmother is the reason Ella is able to attend the ball where just one dance changes her entire future. I realize that in the both adaptions of Cinderella that the prince is not just taken away by Ella’s beauty but by her kindness which radiates from every pore of her being.




So now I truly understand Cinderella’s story in every single adaption she has had. Her courage and kindness allows her to strive under the hatefulness and wickedness of Lady Tremaine and her daughters who are know as the ugly or evil stepsisters. It is not because they are ugly physically but it is because their hearts are vile. So in the next part of my series I will be discussing the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan.

Whose your favorite Joker?

Joker, the clown prince of crime I would say has to be one of the most famous and iconic of all of Batman’s’ villains. My first introduction to deadly yet hilarious villain was in Batman: the animated series which aired from September 5, 1992 – September 15, 1995. I never read comics growing up and these animated tv shows was as close as I was going to get. Now Joker isn’t my favorite video villain from Batman, no that would be the sexy feline herself, Ms. Selina Kyle.


Now, the Joker from what I remember never killed anyone and that was mostly because it was a cartoon, not many characters die in cartoons. When the Joker did strike I remember his victims being left with a big smile on their faces and of course the bats had found a way to cure them. Also Harley Quinn was definitely an interesting character, not only does she works for the Joker but they are dating. However as a child I really didn’t understand that their relationship was not a very positive one, in fact when I was watching the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited on Netflix and I realized that Mr. J is quite abusive to Harley and yet she loves this man with every fiber in her being.




Next year, the SuicideSquad  will be in theaters and I for one I’m truly excited. In a earlier post I mention how many on social media are comparing Heath Ledgers’ portrayal of the Joker to Jared Letos’ who we as an audience has only seen a snippet from the teaser trailer. So until the film debuts how can anyone make a sound judgment on his performance?

So when it comes to the Joker, which one is your favorite portrayal?


Mine is Mark Hamill from Batman: the animated series. I mean that voice and that laugh is just classic, I have that laugh as my message notifications.