Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Reaction

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode ‘Eastwatch’ Reaction video

Daenarys & Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Reaction 

So today I watched the fourth episode ‘Spoils of War’ and below is my reaction video.

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Game of Throne Season 7…So Far

Game of Thrones is currently airing it’s seventh season on HBO and instead of it’s usual ten, this season will only have seven episodes. As of now 3 episodes have aired and for me , the war that was hinted at the end of season 6 with Cersei using wildfire to blow up the Sept and Daenerys along with her dragons,Dothraki and unsullied sailing to Westeros the first three episodes seem to be lacking.

Episode one is tilted ‘Dragonstone‘ and in this episode everyone is picking up from the previous battles. Jon Snow is rallying the north after the Battle of the Bastards and proclaimed the ‘King in the North’. He needs to prepare for the White Walkers who are on their way to the wall. However his authority is challenged by Sansa who has Littlefinger in her ear and it’s clear that the current threat at Winterfell is Lord Baelish. Arya having killed Walder Frey last season using the skills she learned from the House of Black and White to kill all those who murder her family during the infamous Red Wedding.

Meanwhile at King’s Landing, Cersei now queen of the Seven Kingdoms is needs to develop a battle plan to destroy her enemies in which she asks her twin brother Jaime for advice. She has enemies coming from all sides ( Starks, Targaryen, Drone, Greyjoy, Tyrell). Jaime tells his sister that their soldiers can not go north due to lack of resources and since winter has come their men won’t survive the cold. At Oldtown, Sam arrives to study to become a master and hopefully find some useful information to help his friend Jon in the upcoming battle against the nightwalkers. Toward the end of the episode, we see Daenerys find reach the home of Dragonstone, her birthplace and once inside she begins to construct her battle strategy.

In episode two tilted ‘Stormborn‘  we start off in Dragonstone where Tyrion advises Daenerys in that she needs allies and the best ones are those who also oppose Cersei.  Varys is confronted by Daenerys about his switching allegiances and he tells her that he serves the people and does not give blind loyalty to incompetent rulers. Daenerys then makes him swear to tell her when she is wrong and that if he ever betrays her, she will burn him alive.   Daenerys is then visited by Melisandre, the Red Priestess and informs of her the prophecy about the Prince that was promised and of Jon Snow who Tyrion vouches for. Daenerys then tells her hand to send for him so that he may bend the knee.  In the chamber of the painted table,  Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand advocate for an immediate attack on King’s Landing to which Tyrion disagree. He suggest using both Tyrell and Dornish forces to lay siege to King’s Landing will the Unsullied will attack Casterly Rock.  Meanwhile the Greyjoy fleet will escort Ellaria to rally the Dornish and then ferry to the coast of King’s Landing allowing the siege to commence early. Daenerys then dismisses everyone except for Lady Olenna and reminds the new queen that the lords of Westeros are sheep yet Daenerys is a dragon and if she is to rule, she needs to be a dragon.  Then we go back to Winterfell, where Jon tells the nobles of the north about the dragon glass and that the mother of dragons wants to meet with him. He decides to go much to the dismay of his men and leaves Sansa in charge while he is away. At Oldtown, Jorah who last we seen him was inflicted with greyscale and he has gotten worse. Sam decides to help cure him of his ailment. 

Finally toward the end of the episode we get our first real battle, on their way to Dorne, Yara and her fleet is attack by her uncle Euron. Two of the sandsnakes are killed leaving Ellaria and Tyrene as captives. Euron captures his niece to which Theon jumps overboard instead of saving his sister. 

Episode three is called ‘The Queen’s Justice’ and we finally get some more action going. So In Winterfell, Sansa is doing pretty good however Littlefinger like a snake is seeping his way into her ears. Sam cures Jorah of the greyscale who then decides to head back to Daenaerys. Jon Snow meets Daenarys and refuses to ‘bend the knee’. The two go back and forth but come to some sort of understanding. The Unsullied attack Casterly Rock the home of the Lannister, however Greyworm realizes that the take over was too wasy and sees the ships he and his men arrived on being burned down. 

Meanwhile in Highgarden, Jaime Lannister along with the Lannister army marches and invades the home of the Tyrells for their resources. Jaime Lannister speaks with Lady Olenna who realizes that this is the end of her house. Jaime gives her a poison so that her death would be quick and painless and it is in that moment she confess to killing Joffery. Lastly, Euron having captured Yara, Ellaria and her daughter Tyrene brings them back to Kings Landing where Queen Cersi locks Ellaria and her  daughter in a cell leavingnYara to her uncle. Cersi wants to know why  Ellaria kill Mycella and decides to even the score. She kiss Tyrene with the same poison that killed her daughter and tells Ellaria that she will watch her daughter die and then she will watch her corspe rot. 
Game of Thrones season 7 has been slightly slow. We are shown very little of the war between Cesri and Daenarys for the throne and the white walkers have yet to arrive. There is only four episodes left and so far Daenaerys is losing this war and hopefully we will the Mother of Dragons turn her luck around. I am looking forward to Jon Snow learning of his true parentage and hoping that Cersi gets her just desserts. 

Top 10 Jokers

The clown prince of crime has been entertain fans for years and with latest joker portrayed by Jared Leto, I decided to create a list of my favorite portrayals of the Joker. Check out the video below and comment on who is your favorite Joker and why. 

Busy Beaver

Hello all,
Due to the approaching holiday season I have been pretty busy at my current place of employment ( they really love pumpkin spice). So due to my crazy schedule I have been following behind on both my blog and youtube 😢; however I am in the process of playing catchup and I have recently joined a site called Raging Nerds. So below I have a list of tv shows that I am/will currently review and as for movies there are several which I plan on viewing in the following months. 

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Gotham Season 3 Premiere 

This past Monday was the season 3 premiere of Gotham. The theme of the season is called the Mad City and given the events of the season finale of season 2 it is understand why.
So to kick off, Gotham is hunting down the monsters that have eacaped from Indian Hill. Gordon who is no longer a cop is one of the bounty hunters. However friend and former parnter Harvey wants his friend back at the GCPD.  Lucious Fox lends his assistance to Harvey as they track down this monsters who have been attacking various pharmacies since their escape.

Vickie Vale (Credit: FOX)

Meanwhile, Bruce decides he needs to flush out the secret organization out. So he calls a meeting and tells them of his plan. Which then prompts the mystery owl masking wearing woman to go after Bruce Wayne.  Bruce meets up with Selina and tries to apologize for leaving to which she, in that Selina way says she’s understand  and leaves. 

Masked Man Coming for Bruce (Credit: Fox)

Oswald has been visiting his friend Edward Ngyma in prison because he need someonento talk too.  He even brings Ed a gift, a puzzle box which he figures out in mere seconds but appreciates the thought. Oswald then tells his friend about Fish Mooney to which Edward reminds him that peguins eat fish. 
Last, Fish Mooney along with Selina and others from Indian Hill have been searching various pharmacies for immune drugs. It is revealed when they find Mrs. Peabody that the more they use their unique gifts, the more new cells the body creates and is slowly killing them. Peabody tells them that the only one who can help them is Hugo Strange. However, the owls have Dr. Strange in hiding and even she has no idea where he is. Mrs. Peabody is killed by having her life force drained by one of the creatures.  Ivy who had been following Selina is caught by one of the creatures; she threatens to tell the police. A chase ensues resulting in Ivy falling down a sewage drain presumable dead. 

(Left to Right) Marv, Fish Mooney and Man-Bat (Credit:Fox)

The first episode has set the tone for the rest of the season. As the Mad City season unfolds we will see new characters as the old one develop more into their personas and who is this mystery Court of Owls that is secretly running Wayne Enterprises and does Bruce’s parents have any connection to them.

Beyonce’s Formation Sparks Controversy

Beyonce has done it again, releasing a single and music video without any announcement  before her performance with Coldplay for Superbowl 50. This song however compared to Beyonce previous  works is causing a stir due to its imagery  and message. The new single is title ‘ Formation’ and throughout the video there are references to the Hurrican Katrina and the aftermath of the devastation, Black Lives Matter Movement,New Orleans Culture,Pro-Blackness and the Black Panthers Party.


My facebook wall is seriously flooding with talks of Beyonce and the performance, however what saddens me the most is the response from african-americans toward Beyonce. Now I’m not saying that they need to brown nose but to give credit to a beautiful song and a very creative video. We talk so much about white supremacy  in America but how can we fight it if we are constantly tearing each other apart every chance we get?


The song begins with some audio of local bounce singer Messy Mya followed by Beyonce singing the first lines which is a call to those rumors of this secret society she is supposedly in

Ya’ll haters corny with that Illuminati mess

Another line in the song points to how Beyonce loves her not only her blackness but her daughter Blue Ivy as well. I love this line because I have seen so many negative comments about Blue Ivy and her hair to which her natural hair is beautiful and I praise Beyonce for not giving in and relaxing her daughters hair.

I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros
I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils


Beyonce as we have seen before with her previous self title album is proud of her sexuality.

When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cuz I slay

She also makes statments about her progress as an artist to which everyone should strive for greatness.

I might get yo song played on the radio station, cuz I slay (x2)
Ya just might be a black Bill Gates in the makin’, cuz I slay

Also Beyonce makes it clear that she is proud of her roots and I discovered that me and Beyonce have something in common,expect I’m an Orleans Bama

My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
Ya mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma

Earned all this money but they neva take the country out me
I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag

Some tweets say she was attacking police officer due to dressing as the Black Panther Party which if one actually does there reasearch is and was never a terrorist group and that in her video she floods a police vehicle.



Lastly Beyonce knows she has reached a point in her stardom where she has become that person that no matter what you do,you are always criticized.

Ya know ya that bitch when ya cuz all this conversation
Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper


I have no issues with Beyonce song nor her superbowl performance,the real issue is with those who don’t  want to see Black people being up the issues at all, they rather throw everything in the closet and pretend it’s  not there but it is and when that closet gets full it will eventually open and everyone will have to clean up the mess. My freinds on facebook say that I am spreading racism because I repost topics about this issues but you can not fix a problem without acknowledging  that you have one in the first place. We all want America to be a land of the free for all races,religion, sexual orientation  etc but we can expect to move forward by constantly trying to silence others or keep our blinders on -it won’t  work. So I love this song by Beyonce and whether she makes more political staments whether publicly or in private is good because at least she is doing something. I mean does everything  need to be blast on social media and if so then one must wonder are you doing it because you are truly down for the cause and its beliefs are you doing it for the recognition and fame.