50 Shades Darker Soundtrack

I really don’t like the 50 Shades of Grey series, as a book worm I believe the series is very poorly written clearly the author has no clue about the world of bdsm and not only that but Christian Grey  like many other males that we as women fantasize about men like is not the ideal choice of a mate whether for sex or long term. Anyway below is my reaction to the music video by Zayn ft. Taylor Swift, the song is called ‘ I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’. I love the music but hate the films and books. 

My Top 10 Films of 2016

Below is a video of my top 10 favorite films of 2016. Now 2016 was pretty good for films there was some that I truly enjoyed while others were meh. Overall it nakes me excited for 2017 because I know after watching several movie trailers movies this year are gonna kick ass.

Underworld: Blood Wars Review

The latest installment in the Underworld franchise hit theaters today and like the rest of the series I enjoyed it. I believe the reaaon that Underworld has lasted this long in terms of popularity is because since Twilight gave many a bad taste in vampires this series still haa both vamps and weres as badass creatures of the night.
The film begins with a recap of the previous films while Selene (Kate Beckingsale) is one the run from both Lycans and vampires.  The vampires are after Selene because of the murder of Victor and the elders. It is in Prague that her progeny David informs her that the new lycan leader Marius wants Selene so she can lead them to her daughter Eve, who was born a pureblood hybrid. 

The two escape to a secluded area, and Selene explains to David how she and Eve parted ways while treating his bullet wound. Meanwhile, David’s father Thomas manages to convince Semira, an Eastern Coven elder, to grant Selene amnesty in exchange for her training their young and inexperienced Death Dealers. Selene accepts the offer, and she and David travel to the coven’s castle stronghold. Selene is then ask to train the death dealers in order to prepare for the lycans attack. However, Semira’s lover Varga cuts Selene’s with a concealed nightshade-coated knife that causes her to lose consciousness, before he proceeds to murder the other trainees. Semira takes Selene to her quarters where she starts draining her blood with a machine, explaining that she was Selene’s predecessor as Viktor’s regent. She plans on using Selenes blood to gain power and overthrow the council. David and father Thomas interrupts having caught onto her plan. Semira engages Thomas in a fight and is slain while David escapes with Selene revealing to Semira that they are immune to the effects of daylight. 

David and Selene seek refuge with the Nordic coven per Thomas request. When they arrive the are greeted by Lena, the covens’ strongest warrior. She leds them to her father Vidar.  Vidar then informs David that his mother is the deceased vampire elder Amelia making him the rightful leader of the Eastern Coven. Vidar then gives him a silver sword that belonged to his father Thomas; even so David refuses to believe it. When David leaves, needing time to think things through, Vidar gives Selene a vial of his mother’s blood to give to him; the blood contains memories of the capture of the first Werewolf, William Corvinus and Amelia fighting alongside fellow Elders, Viktor and Marcus, proving to David that Vidar is telling the truth.

The lycans the attack the Nordic coven thanks to Alexia, a vampire turned traitor and also Marius lover. David and Lena help the rest of the coven fend off the Lycans. Outside the fortress Selene engages in single combat with Marius on an iced-over lake. Marius demands to know where Eve is, promising that he will not hurt her and that he only needs some of her blood; Selene refuses to give him an answer. Marius changes form, revealing himself as a Lycan-Corvinus Strain Hybrid. He beats her into submission, and Alexia licks the blood off Selene’s sword, the blood memories indicating that Selene is telling the truth about not knowing Eve’s location. In a fit of anger Marius shoots Selene and she falls through the ice before he leads his troops in retreat.

Upon Alexia’s return to the Eastern Coven’s castle, she confesses to Semira that she is Marius’ lover; Semira reveals that she has always known of Alexia’s treachery and was using her for her own purposes before killing the younger vampire. David returns to the Eastern Coven, believing that it should be led, if not by one of the original Elders, then by someone of one of their bloodlines. Upon his arrival David informs the Elite Council of his parentage, presenting himself as the rightful heir to the coven. Semira has no intention of losing her power and status to David and demands that he be arrested, only to find herself being arrested by none other than Varga. She is subsequently imprisoned in the compound’s dungeons. 

While imprisoned the coven is attack and the vampires fend of the lycans till they begin using grebades to blow holes into the walls revealing sunlight killing off many vampires. David continues to fight till he is face to face with Marius and Selene reappears. The Nordic coven had revived her and in doing so she developed new abilities. As she makes her way through the castle Semira escapes and engages David in battle while Marius fights Selene. During their fight blood from Marius lands in Selenes mouth and she is flood by blood memories revealing that Marius and caught Micheal her lover and drained him of his blood and consumed it.

 Biting her own wrist she allows her memories of Micheal and daughter Eve to fuel her rage. Marius then transforms but Selene rips out his spine killing him. David kills Semira by stabbing her through the back of the head while distracted by the fact she was now immune to sunlight. Davids shows the lycans the head of theif leader and they retreat. In the aftermath Selene, David and Lena are chosen as the new elders. Selene narration begins as she comments on having gone from being an outcast to one of their chosen leaders and how they may have reached a time of peace and a chance for what is left of the Nordic Coven and Eastern Coven to heal and regain their strength. Then, briefly, it’s shown that while at the Nordic Coven after being resurrected, she was reunited with Eve.

I truly enjoyed the lastest in the Underworld series, some aspects of the film could have been better such as the cgi and certain aspects of the plot; most which can be answered by watching the previous films. However the ending leaves a question, with only two vampire coven left, will the lycans finally can victor in destroying the vampires for good? after all this whole war started because vampires enslaved lycans. So with the lycans finally achieve their goal or will Eve usher in a new era for both vampires and lycans. 

50 Shades of Women

The  past few days I have been pondering why women are so intrigued by characters like Christian Grey or want relationship goals like The joker and  harley quinn. Both males are abusive to the women that they claim they love, in the Jokers’ case he actually messes with her brain making her crazy.  However the resson I brought up these character up is because modern day feminist love men like this and not just them but many fictional males characters that are for a lack of a better word, alpha.

Majority of third wave feminism hates the patriarchy and wants both sexes to be treated equally. When feminism start back in the late 60’s early 70’s it was a big deal for women; women no longer had to rely on men for basic living needs or they could now divorce their spouse, which was especially good for those trapped in abusive marriages because back then if a man beat you, you just got your ass beat. However as feminism grew the concept of being masculine and feminine began to change. Anything that was remotely masculine was quickly shut down and shamed while being feminine was something  seen as being trapped in the days before feminism the holy savior of womenkind and not encouraged.

Today we are seeing the effects of this, women are becoming more like men, men more like women and the relationship problems just seem to be increasing. We as a society have too many people making really bad choices in mates, we have people unhappy in their relationships and we have problems in marriage because they don’t FEEL happy or loved. Many women complain mostly about men in & how they basically should just  MAN UP  but if they do, then they are attacking their womanhood. I remember reading a post of my Facebook wall which was a tips for guys to attract or talk to females and many of the advice basically bordered on creepy stalker but one advice stuck out to me 

If a woman has headphones in, tap her or wave to get her attention

As you can guess, women in the comments were furious, like how dare a man who is interested in getting to know me disturb me while i have on headphones. Many comments revolved around not wanting to be bother but I wonder how is a man suppose to get your attention then? before Tinder, eHarmony and texting ,men and women actually talk to each other but now  even that form is starting to turn to dust.  Anything a man basically does to get attention becomes an attack against a woman or treating her unequally yet many complain that chivalry is dead or there are no good men out there. 

Many women actually do end up with nice guys however they are beta males her attraction to him wanes over time because he is just not masculine enough. He is essentially too nice and contrary to what women may say about wanting a nice guy want she really means is she wants Christian Grey, she wants Bruce Wayne, she wants Thor. She wants an alpha but due to feminism many men are discourage from being Captain America but  settle for being Steve Rogers and by settling men are losing out on their potential to be men amd wonder why their wives or girlfriends are refusing to have sex with them or dress in a lovely dress or even give you fellatio. 

Feminism has caused women to act more like men especially in the sexual arena. Is it a double standard that men can have sex with many women and not be called a “hoe, thot, slut etc – yes but there is reason for that. During intercourse a chemical is released from the brain thst encourages bonding and closeness which is why when a women sleeps with a man she gets easily attached however, though men and women both release this chemical a man, due to the way his brain functions can separate his feelings from just sex which is why many men can sleep with several women without being attached. 

Another reason why men prefer that his woman either be a virgin or have a low sex count is due to a biological function. Both male and female subconsciously give off reproductive cues so they can produce and pass off the best genes to their offspring. Why do you think women are attracted to men who show strength and want the man to have a job?  those factors tell her he is a protector and provider which is what she needs to make sure her offspring will be safe. For men its beauty and youth, there is a reason why there are all these beauty products geared toward women to stay young and why older men are attracted to twenty-somethings. Beauty and a womans’figure is the first thing men notice, it is what attracts him and youth tells him that  you can still bare children because a woman is born with the only eggs she’ll ever have while men are constantly producing sperm. Everything we do is because of a subconscious need to attract the opposite sex and we don’t even realize it despite the many ways we try to defy nature. 

I know I may get some serious flack for this but nature and sciene does not lie and we as homo sapiens need to stop playing GOD. 

Busy Beaver

Hello all,
Due to the approaching holiday season I have been pretty busy at my current place of employment ( they really love pumpkin spice). So due to my crazy schedule I have been following behind on both my blog and youtube 😢; however I am in the process of playing catchup and I have recently joined a site called Raging Nerds. So below I have a list of tv shows that I am/will currently review and as for movies there are several which I plan on viewing in the following months. 

My channel:
– Once Upon A Time

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-Ice Fantasy

– The Big Bang Theory

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-Teen Wolf

Gotham Season 3 Premiere 

This past Monday was the season 3 premiere of Gotham. The theme of the season is called the Mad City and given the events of the season finale of season 2 it is understand why.
So to kick off, Gotham is hunting down the monsters that have eacaped from Indian Hill. Gordon who is no longer a cop is one of the bounty hunters. However friend and former parnter Harvey wants his friend back at the GCPD.  Lucious Fox lends his assistance to Harvey as they track down this monsters who have been attacking various pharmacies since their escape.

Vickie Vale (Credit: FOX)

Meanwhile, Bruce decides he needs to flush out the secret organization out. So he calls a meeting and tells them of his plan. Which then prompts the mystery owl masking wearing woman to go after Bruce Wayne.  Bruce meets up with Selina and tries to apologize for leaving to which she, in that Selina way says she’s understand  and leaves. 

Masked Man Coming for Bruce (Credit: Fox)

Oswald has been visiting his friend Edward Ngyma in prison because he need someonento talk too.  He even brings Ed a gift, a puzzle box which he figures out in mere seconds but appreciates the thought. Oswald then tells his friend about Fish Mooney to which Edward reminds him that peguins eat fish. 
Last, Fish Mooney along with Selina and others from Indian Hill have been searching various pharmacies for immune drugs. It is revealed when they find Mrs. Peabody that the more they use their unique gifts, the more new cells the body creates and is slowly killing them. Peabody tells them that the only one who can help them is Hugo Strange. However, the owls have Dr. Strange in hiding and even she has no idea where he is. Mrs. Peabody is killed by having her life force drained by one of the creatures.  Ivy who had been following Selina is caught by one of the creatures; she threatens to tell the police. A chase ensues resulting in Ivy falling down a sewage drain presumable dead. 

(Left to Right) Marv, Fish Mooney and Man-Bat (Credit:Fox)

The first episode has set the tone for the rest of the season. As the Mad City season unfolds we will see new characters as the old one develop more into their personas and who is this mystery Court of Owls that is secretly running Wayne Enterprises and does Bruce’s parents have any connection to them.