Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 Reaction 

So today I watched the fourth episode ‘Spoils of War’ and below is my reaction video.

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Valar Morghulis

Game of Thrones, what can I say about this show that truly explain how this show has pulled me in and has entrapped me in its grasp? Season 2 of Game of Thrones continues where season 1 left off with the death of Eddard Stark.

The north goes to war led by Rob Stark. Sansa is stuck at King’s Landing where she becomes the subject of King Joffery’s abuse.  Rob after winning three victories offers a peace exchange to the Lannisters which Cersei refuses. Catelyn arrives at King Renly’s camp to negotiate an alliance, and Brienne of Tarth wins the right to join Renly’s guard. Catelyn and Brienne witness Renly’s murder at the hands of dark magic sent by the Red Lady Melisandre, an emissary of Renly’s brother and rival claimant to the Iron Throne Stannis Baratheon.


rob stark season 2

Catelyn and Brienne flee Renly’s camp and rejoin Robb’s army as Renly’s supporters switch their allegiance to Stannis. Meanwhile, Theon betrays the Starks by siding with his father and seizing Winterfell by force. Robb receives news of Theon’s plans and sends men to retake Winterfell, while inside the city the Starks’ allies form plans to sneak Bran and Rickon Stark out. Catelyn decides to free the capture king slayer, Jamie Lannister in order to save her two daughters, not knowing that the Lannisters only have Sansa in their possession; Arya is disguised as a boy at Harrenhal.  Rob enters a romantic relationship with Volantene healer Talisa Maegyr.


Arya and her friends escape Harrenhal with the help of Jaqen H’ghar. Meanwhile back in King’s Landing Cersei attempts to blackmail Tyrion by abducting the prostitute, Ros, whom Cersei believes to be his secret lover. Leading the defense against Stannis’ attack on King’s Landing, Tyrion destroys many of the attacking craft with an exploding ship full of wildfire, and is forced to lead a counterattack as King Joffrey Baratheon and his bodyguard Sandor Clegane each desert the battlefield. Stannis’s forces make it inside the castle, but Tyrion leads his men behind the Baratheon forces via underground tunnels and attacks. Baratheon is defeated when Tywin’s forces arrive at King’s Landing shortly after.



Across the seas in Essos, Daenerys following the death of Khal Drogo she and the remenents of her khalasar find refuge in the city of Qarth, where they are taken in by the merchant Xaro Xhoan Daxos. However his kindness comes with a price,Xaro conspires with the warlock Pyat Pree to kill most of Daenerys’ servants, kidnap her dragons and assume control of Qarth. Daenerys is lured into a showdown with Pyat Pree at the House of the Undying, where her dragons kill Pyat Pree. Daenerys seals Xaro in his own vault as punishment for his treachery and leaves Qarth with Jorah and her remaining servants.  Lastly, at the Wall Jon Snow captures a Wildling, Ygritte, who soon leads him into a trap where he himself is captured by Ygritte’s fellow wildlings. Amongst the wildlings’ prisoners is fellow ranger Qhorin Halfhand, who convinces Jon to kill him in order to gain the wildlings’ trust so he can get close to their leader, King-beyond-the-Wall Mance Rayder. The rest of the rangers set up camp at an ancient fortification, the Fist of the First Men, where they come under attack from an ancient enemy, the White Walkers.



Game of Thrones season 2 has truly capture not only my attention by my imagination as well. I have become deeply immersed into the lives of the Starks, wondering if the family will ever be united again. Daenery’s has become one of my favorite characters on the show so far. She started out as a young woman not very out spoken and naive in someways but she is showing the audience as she grows out her she is a natural born leader and a force to be reckon with.