Underworld: Blood Wars Review

The latest installment in the Underworld franchise hit theaters today and like the rest of the series I enjoyed it. I believe the reaaon that Underworld has lasted this long in terms of popularity is because since Twilight gave many a bad taste in vampires this series still haa both vamps and weres as badass creatures of the night.
The film begins with a recap of the previous films while Selene (Kate Beckingsale) is one the run from both Lycans and vampires.  The vampires are after Selene because of the murder of Victor and the elders. It is in Prague that her progeny David informs her that the new lycan leader Marius wants Selene so she can lead them to her daughter Eve, who was born a pureblood hybrid. 

The two escape to a secluded area, and Selene explains to David how she and Eve parted ways while treating his bullet wound. Meanwhile, David’s father Thomas manages to convince Semira, an Eastern Coven elder, to grant Selene amnesty in exchange for her training their young and inexperienced Death Dealers. Selene accepts the offer, and she and David travel to the coven’s castle stronghold. Selene is then ask to train the death dealers in order to prepare for the lycans attack. However, Semira’s lover Varga cuts Selene’s with a concealed nightshade-coated knife that causes her to lose consciousness, before he proceeds to murder the other trainees. Semira takes Selene to her quarters where she starts draining her blood with a machine, explaining that she was Selene’s predecessor as Viktor’s regent. She plans on using Selenes blood to gain power and overthrow the council. David and father Thomas interrupts having caught onto her plan. Semira engages Thomas in a fight and is slain while David escapes with Selene revealing to Semira that they are immune to the effects of daylight. 

David and Selene seek refuge with the Nordic coven per Thomas request. When they arrive the are greeted by Lena, the covens’ strongest warrior. She leds them to her father Vidar.  Vidar then informs David that his mother is the deceased vampire elder Amelia making him the rightful leader of the Eastern Coven. Vidar then gives him a silver sword that belonged to his father Thomas; even so David refuses to believe it. When David leaves, needing time to think things through, Vidar gives Selene a vial of his mother’s blood to give to him; the blood contains memories of the capture of the first Werewolf, William Corvinus and Amelia fighting alongside fellow Elders, Viktor and Marcus, proving to David that Vidar is telling the truth.

The lycans the attack the Nordic coven thanks to Alexia, a vampire turned traitor and also Marius lover. David and Lena help the rest of the coven fend off the Lycans. Outside the fortress Selene engages in single combat with Marius on an iced-over lake. Marius demands to know where Eve is, promising that he will not hurt her and that he only needs some of her blood; Selene refuses to give him an answer. Marius changes form, revealing himself as a Lycan-Corvinus Strain Hybrid. He beats her into submission, and Alexia licks the blood off Selene’s sword, the blood memories indicating that Selene is telling the truth about not knowing Eve’s location. In a fit of anger Marius shoots Selene and she falls through the ice before he leads his troops in retreat.

Upon Alexia’s return to the Eastern Coven’s castle, she confesses to Semira that she is Marius’ lover; Semira reveals that she has always known of Alexia’s treachery and was using her for her own purposes before killing the younger vampire. David returns to the Eastern Coven, believing that it should be led, if not by one of the original Elders, then by someone of one of their bloodlines. Upon his arrival David informs the Elite Council of his parentage, presenting himself as the rightful heir to the coven. Semira has no intention of losing her power and status to David and demands that he be arrested, only to find herself being arrested by none other than Varga. She is subsequently imprisoned in the compound’s dungeons. 

While imprisoned the coven is attack and the vampires fend of the lycans till they begin using grebades to blow holes into the walls revealing sunlight killing off many vampires. David continues to fight till he is face to face with Marius and Selene reappears. The Nordic coven had revived her and in doing so she developed new abilities. As she makes her way through the castle Semira escapes and engages David in battle while Marius fights Selene. During their fight blood from Marius lands in Selenes mouth and she is flood by blood memories revealing that Marius and caught Micheal her lover and drained him of his blood and consumed it.

 Biting her own wrist she allows her memories of Micheal and daughter Eve to fuel her rage. Marius then transforms but Selene rips out his spine killing him. David kills Semira by stabbing her through the back of the head while distracted by the fact she was now immune to sunlight. Davids shows the lycans the head of theif leader and they retreat. In the aftermath Selene, David and Lena are chosen as the new elders. Selene narration begins as she comments on having gone from being an outcast to one of their chosen leaders and how they may have reached a time of peace and a chance for what is left of the Nordic Coven and Eastern Coven to heal and regain their strength. Then, briefly, it’s shown that while at the Nordic Coven after being resurrected, she was reunited with Eve.

I truly enjoyed the lastest in the Underworld series, some aspects of the film could have been better such as the cgi and certain aspects of the plot; most which can be answered by watching the previous films. However the ending leaves a question, with only two vampire coven left, will the lycans finally can victor in destroying the vampires for good? after all this whole war started because vampires enslaved lycans. So with the lycans finally achieve their goal or will Eve usher in a new era for both vampires and lycans.